News Jul 10, 2014

Wood and Metal Wine Racks Under the Stairs

With wine becoming more affordable and the choice of countries and varieties growing all the time, people are looking for ways to store wine bottles.

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News Jun 26, 2014

Wood and Metal Wine Racks – Extendable Range

We've commissioned this range especially for Cranville Wine Racks, so that we can offer you top quality rack construction along with the ability to add, change or remove storage as you need to. Robust, but good-looking, these wine racks are a great choice.

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News Jun 5, 2014

Wine Racks - Boost your Health and Wealth

Wine is certainly a drink to be savoured. If you have wine racks bulging with collectors' items featuring vintage years, you'll know how lucrative being a wine buff can be. As well as ensuring you have a suitable drop to celebrate or mark any special occasion, collecting wine is a good investment.

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