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Wood and Metal Wine Racks and General Wine Rack Queries

If life was perfect, we would all have a below ground level cellar, and fill it with countless bottles of wines from the very best wine-producing regions of the world, slowly maturing in a perfect environment... However, more often than not, the issue is that people don’t have this ideal cellar in which to keep their wine. Our fantastic wine racks - whether custom, bespoke or ready-made are ideal for storing your collection.

Want to know more? Keep reading for more information from our most frequently asked questions.

Which type of wine rack do I need?

Dependent on your individual needs, there are several different types of wine rack available for you to choose from. Cellar racking is the classic choice, but in most cases, a compact kitchen rack or wall-mounted racking is more practical. You will also have a choice between wooden or metal wine racks.

The type of wine rack you need will depend upon factors such as availability of space, suitable conditions for storing wine, and your personal habits. If you don’t tend to store much wine for longer periods of time, then a smaller rack will be best suited, and vice versa. Check out our Which Wine Rack Style Are You blog post for more details on the various wine rack styles we can supply.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a wine rack that is fairly portable or easy to move, our wine cubes could be a good option for you. Stylish and contemporary in design, the cubes can provide space for up to 25 bottles.

How do I put my wine rack together?

The vast majority of our wine racks come fully assembled and ready to use. Particularly large or made to measure wine racks are the exception; these will be delivered in parts that will then need to be assembled once in situ.

These will be delivered with instructions and an invisible joining system allowing the sections to be clipped together. The Clip System enables the creation of an extra row in between the two sections, using the two racks to create an additional row. It can be used vertically or horizontally.

All wine racks over five rows high need to be secured to the wall with drill holes and rawl plugs.

How does the wine rack clip system work?

The clip system is cleverly designed to create an extra row of bottle spaces in between the 2 wine racks being joined together – the system does not create a row of racking by itself but uses the 2 wine racks to create it. The clip system can be used vertically or horizontally – but it is important to remember the wine rack must be secured firmly to a wall using drill holes and the appropriate rawl plugs.

Where should I put my wine rack?

If you don’t have a bespoke wine cellar or made to measure rack, the next step is to decide on the best place to position your wine rack. Avoid installing your new wine rack anywhere that is too hot or too cold, or where the temperature is likely to fluctuate. Direct sunlight and damp places should also be avoided. The best environment for wine storage is a place that is cool, moderately humid and well-ventilated.

How do I look after my wine rack?

Most wine racks require very little maintenance. It is a good idea to regularly dust your wine rack for the purposes of overall upkeep; this can also help you keep an inventory of your collection. Regularly checking the condition of your rack’s wall fixings and any connecting clips is also recommended.

Can I add more wine racks on to my existing wood and metal wine rack?

If you have a wood & metal wine rack you can use the wine rack clip joining system.
If you have a solid pine wine rack you can join another wine rack to it - we can supply extra dowels in packs of 25.

How high can my wine racks be stacked?

We recommend a maximum wine rack height of 20 bottles or approximately 2 metres (78 inches). This is a sensible height, as anything much higher than this becomes difficult to reach.

Does my wine rack have to be screwed to the wall?

Yes. In all cases, wine racks over 5 holes high must be secured firmly to a wall using drill holes and the appropriate rawl plugs to ensure your health and safety whilst also protecting your collection from accidental damage. The type of fixing required will depend on the type of wall.

How does the joining kit work?

The joining kit comprises of 3 bars that are secured to the back of the sections to be joined and 11 fillets that push in at the front. The join then creates another usable row or column of bottle spaces.

Can I store half bottles in the wine racks?

Standard half bottles can be stored in all of our wine racks. However, there may be some very small bottles that will not fit. We can make special racks sized for half bottles so please call us on 01234 822977 for more information.

Will Champagne bottles or Magnums fit in the wine racks?

Standard Champagne can be stored in all of our wine racks. We can also supply Magnum sized racks separately. Please call us on 01234 822977 for more details.

If I order a very large made-to-measure wine rack, how will it be delivered?

Very large made-to-measure wine racks are made in sections, otherwise, they would be too large to handle. The wine racks will be delivered with all the necessary joining parts along with a set of instructions. These joints are nearly always vertical, with the wine racks standing next to each other.

Some of your wine racks are rectangular - can these be used with the long side either vertical or diagonal?

Yes, they have been designed to work well in either placement.

Your under stairs wine racks are shown sloping from left to right. Can you supply ones sloping the other way?

These racks are symmetrical so can be positioned sloping in either direction.

What is the maximum bottle diameter that will fit into the standard wood and metal racks?

The maximum diameter is 95mm and the maximum circumference is 298mm.

Is it possible to modify your standard wine racks to fit a particular space?

It is possible to modify the standard units but it would be more cost effective to have a custom rack built to the correct size. Please contact us on 01234 822977 for details.

Can I suspend the rack from the wall?

We strongly suggest that you don’t suspend a traditional wine rack from the wall. The front of the wine rack needs to be supported either by a shelf, the floor or with wires to the ceiling. Over time the front of the rack can sag if not supported well.

Will the bespoke classic wood and metal wine rack be delivered pre-assembled?

Yes, all of our bespoke racks are delivered pre-assembled. However, depending on any transport and access issues, it may need to be delivered in sections, complete with joining parts.

Some helpful tips on how to properly store wine in your home:

  • Extreme temperatures are damaging to wine; store at a constant temperature between 7-18 degrees Celcius / 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Moderate humidity keeps the cork in good condition - too much can cause shrinkage, too little dries it out; both allowing air into the bottle. Temperatures should never exceed 24 degrees Celcius / 75 degrees Fahrenheit, cooler temperatures than 7 degrees Celcius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) will not negatively affect the wine quality but will slow down the ageing process 
  • Keep your wine rack away from direct sunlight and ultraviolet light, which can give wine an unpleasant aroma
  • Vibrations disturb the sediments of wine, which in turn, impairs the taste (so keep your wine rack away from the washing machine!)
  • As with refrigerated food storage, avoid cross-contamination. Odours from strong smelling and fermenting foods such as cheese, fruit and vegetables seep through corks and impose on flavour
  • Always store bottles horizontally to keep the wine in contact with the cork to keep it moist and to prevent air from getting into the bottle
  • Look at the ullage - this is the term used to describe the gap between the cork and the wine itself. The proper ullage level should be at least to the upper shoulder of the bottle to indicate a good wine
  • Many wines are made for immediate consumption - their tannins are softened, producing a round and supple flavour, even at an early stage of the life cycle. This type of wine won't always benefit from storage, but there are many wine racks available for your kitchen and home to suit these needs

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