Feb 19 2015

There are so many different styles of wine racks but all fall under four primary categories, which are modern designantiquenovelty and traditional. While each group bears a resemblance to the original wine rack design, each one has its own touch of elegance and class alongside various individual styles and characteristics.

Let’s begin with modern wine racks.

These racks are by far some of the boldest designs available on the market today. Not only do these racks enable wine lovers to display their wine with pride and creativity through unique shapes and unusual materials, they also take the prize for the most storage efficient wine holder. Modern wine racks are sure to become the focal point of any room and with their bold statements and artistic fashion you can’t go wrong!

Next is a little blast from the past with antique wine racks. Proving to be a fine display of true craftsmanship and ingenuity, antique wine racks are highly valued for their durability and intricate detailing, not to mention their ornate designs. These vintage racks are still used today in many homes across the world.

Novelty wine racks are similar in some regards to modern racks, however unlike the modern racks, they focus on using whimsical and fun techniques to display your wine. Although these wine racks often exceed the scale on visual appearance, they are not necessarily the most practical racks, their main objective is to express individual interpretations and complement specific décor designs.

Last of all is the traditional wine rack. These wine racks take inspiration from the modern and antique designs by combining the functionality of the modern design with the subdued nature of the antique styles. Whilst they possess a similar appearance to the antique family, they also portray an immediate sense of intricacy and elegance alongside a clean design.

So, those are the four main categories of wine rack styles and examples of each are provided by Cranville Wines.