Metal and Wooden Wine Rack Kits – Home and Business

Whether you are expecting to extend your wine collection soon or are simply looking for somewhere to store your current bottles, our range of metal and wooden wall-mounted wine racks in the UK are ideal for both home and commercial use.

Furthermore, you don’t need to be a DIY expert to put our kits together. Each of our self-assembly wine racks (metal and wood) is available in flat-pack form, meaning that you can build your own wine rack quickly and easily without any specialist tools or equipment. With a variety of finishes available, our range of build-your-own wood and metal wall wine rack kits can cater to all needs and preferences. Explore our range below and find the perfect choice that meets your requirements.

Classic 15 bottle wine rack...

£22.61 (INC. vat) WAS £24.88

Classic 30 bottle wine rack...

£38.87 (INC. vat) WAS £42.75

Classic 42 bottle wine rack...

£46.57 (INC. vat) WAS £51.23

Classic 72 bottle self asse...

£79.85 (INC. vat) WAS £87.83

Classic 90 bottle self asse...

£82.76 (INC. vat) WAS £91.04

Classic 12 bottle wine rack...

£19.96 (INC. vat) WAS £21.95

Wine rack joining kit

£12.28 (INC. vat) WAS £13.50

Wine bottle label protectors

£7.50 (INC. vat) WAS £8.25

High-Quality Wine Rack Kits

Here at Cranville Wine Racks, we understand the importance of storing wine correctly. That is exactly why we are proud to provide only the highest quality metal and wooden wine storage racks. Regardless of how much or how little room you have available, we endeavour to ensure that all our customers have the perfect contemporary or traditional wine rack to suit their home or business.

Our metal and wood self-assembly wine racks are available in a broad range of sizes, ensuring that whether you need storage for 12 bottles or 90, there is a build-your-own wine rack kit that caters to your needs. Our small and large wine racks are also available in both natural pine and dark oak stained finishes, along with galvanised metal supports to complement from both a practical and visual perspective.

Whether your storage solution is going to be for home or commercial use, our wine rack kits have a proven track record of longevity, attractiveness and effectiveness throughout UK kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants, and wine cellars. So, if you want to grow your own personal collection or expand your business selection, we have a self-assembly wine rack that will work.

If you are on the lookout for the ideal rack in wood or metal, our wine rack kits will work perfectly by providing you with simple assembly and additional storage options at your fingertips. At Cranville Wine Racks, you will find a wide selection of kits and storage solutions that cater for all requirements.

Buy Wine Racks from Cranville Wine Racks 

All our wine rack kits are ideal for stacking and combining to accommodate your growing collection, meaning that you do not necessarily have to invest in something big and bulky straight away. Add to your storage capacity as your collection grows by using our joining packs, allowing you to make full use of the space that you have available.

For more information regarding our range of metal and wood wine rack kits, if you require a bespoke storage solution, or if you’re interested in buying wine racks, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 01234 822977.