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Cranville wine racks specialise in the manufacture, wholesale, distribution and retail of wine racks and wine storage systems.

We offer our own brand of bespoke wine racks, and in collaboration with other wine rack manufacturers globally an unparalleled range of wine storage products. We stock a large selection of standard size wood and metal wine racks and wine rack kits, for other sizes we are pleased to build custom wine rack systems to our client’s specifications. Also we can also offer a wide selection of wall mounted wine racks for both commercial and private use. Especially for the home or a commercial display area we hold a large range of wood, cast aluminium, chrome, wrought iron and feature decorative wine racks.

All wine rack products displayed are stock items and are available for next day dispatch. In the majority of cases custom made wine rack units can be available within 2 working days. We are constantly adding to our product range, if you would like to be kept informed please subscribe to our quarterly wine rack news letter.

wood and metal wine rack and wine rack kits from 12 bottles to 90 bottles   Chrome wine racks from 3 bottles to 24 bottles  
Extensive range of metal wine racks   Wine Glasses and Decanters  
Extensive range of metal wine racks   £40.00 of a case of wine at virgin wines with every purchase from Cranville wine racks- condtions apply  

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Give Yourself the Gift of Wine


"Love the wine you're drinking and drink the wine you love."

One of lifes little luxuries usually dug out for a night in with the girls, a classy meal out or even a quiet night in, as well as for celebrations and special occasions; wine.

The most expensive wines aren’t necessarily the best wines; it is best to opt for what you prefer, taste wise. Although the luxury end of the market seems to be what you would opt for during an occasion - with the price being a good indicator of the quality - there is no point opting for one which does not sit well with your palette. The whole point of a glass of wine is the enjoyment factor, savouring the taste and the flavour it brings.

Saying that, many of us are accustomed to having a glass of wine with our meals, too. Pairing the perfect wine with your chosen meal can enhance the flavour and enjoyment of your meal immensely.

If you are not entirely sure of your personal wine preference or are relatively new to it, venture out on a wine tasting session with your close ones and have some fun with it. Once you find the perfect choice of wine for you (or maybe your top three!), then it is always a good idea to buy a case of it rather than an individual bottle! Not only does this work out more cost effective, but it also ensures you have a convenient ‘emergency supply’ to hand.

Furthermore, we all know that certain fine wines are renowned for tasting better with age. Old is gold, right?

A well loved and looked after bottle of wine will taste all the better when stored in the right conditions. And what better way to store your stash of new wine than on a bespoke wine rack?

Who knows, you might have found a lifelong hobby and one day look towards building your collection?

Either way, ensure you opt for both practical and stylish storage for your newfound passion. Not only does this enhance the visual aesthetics of your collection, but also saves valuable space in your home. Wine connoisseurs? Us? Never!

For all your wine rack and storage needs, visit Cranville Wine Racks today, or contact us for more information.