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All wine rack products displayed are stock items and are available for next day dispatch. In the majority of cases custom made wine rack units can be available within 2 working days. We are constantly adding to our product range, if you would like to be kept informed please subscribe to our quarterly wine rack news letter.

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Valentine’s Special: Wine & Dine

It’s coming up to that special day of the year, where couples spend time together, treat each other and generally look to enjoy some alone time. Couples tend to opt for something a little extra special to celebrate, such as dining al fresco or cooking a romantic meal at home to enjoy together, along with a nice glass of wine.

Although there are many sophisticated wine connoisseur’s amongst us, there is still a lot more left to be learnt about good wine, however.

It is good to experiment with different wines, especially as what is incredibly delicious to you could be splutteringly horrible for someone else; taste buds play an important role when it comes to choosing the perfect wine. Experimenting with different wines can help you decide which one is best for you (and your Valentine, of course).

Try going to a social wine tasting event to try a different selection to the norm, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can learn about one of the nation’s much-loved evening indulgences. Take your other half with you to explore and discover your favourite wine to share together on Valentine’s Day this year.

Many people also go wrong when it comes down to storing their wines at home, too. For instance, white wines and champagnes are best served chilled, but can be stored away until a few hours before you need them. For best results, serve in an ice bucket.

Now, we all know the famous saying that “some things taste better with age”, and this is true for most wines. The way your wine is stored has a major influence on its taste and flavour, so it is imperative to think about storage options before collecting nice wine.

The most obvious method of storage for your growing collection is perhaps a wine rack or wine storage cube units. Not only are they perfect for holding your prized collection, but they are also great space savers, too. Wine should usually be kept at the correct temperature in a light free zone, so a basement, cellar or store is ideal.

Best start stocking up for Valentine’s Day!

For more ideas on how to store your newly-found love, visit Cranville Wine Racks today for the best wine storage solutions for your new collection.

Taking on Lent

Ah, Lent. The time of year where many of us vow to give up something we enjoy for 47 days and 47 nights following the indulgence of Pancake Day. Traditionally, this would have been luxury food items, but these days the focus of abstinence tends to be in the form of vices – alcohol, chocolate, carbohydrates, etc.

While many wine drinkers often would not consider giving up their favourite wines for an extended period of time, this year, let’s make a stand. Consider, for a moment, what almost six weeks of not buying wine would do for you. Let’s say for a moment that you bank the savings; we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

For example, spending £60 a week on a handful of your favourite bottles could equate to well over £300 in just a few weeks. Put it to good use and buy yourself a bespoke wine rack from Cranville that is ready and waiting to be stocked up after Easter!

The Benefits

There are a number of additional benefits should you decide to give up wine for lent.

l Less unusable calories consumed means you might lose weight in such a short space of time. You probably don’t need to, but you’ll be amazed at the results

l Your hobbies and interests will expand. Less time sat drinking a bottle of vino in the evening means you have more time for dinner parties, going to the gym, finishing that book you started last month, and so much more

l You’ll realise who your friends are. The friends that stick around when the alcohol isn’t around are the ones you need in your life

l In addition to the money you will save on wine for the home, you will also save on a night at a restaurant or with friends in the pub

l You’ll become more disciplined in yourself, and find it easier to say no to things you enjoy in the future

l The bottles that your friends bring round for dinner can be saved for after Lent, when you have your brand new bespoke wine rack

It takes just 21 days to make or break a habit, so after just three weeks, your Lent abstinence will be at the back of your mind, and, before you know it, Easter will have arrived and so will your new wine rack!

For more information on our range of wine racks, as well as our selection of novel drinks cabinets and accessories, please browse our website or contact us.

Which Wine for Your Valentine?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the pressure seems to be on to impress that special person in your life. The month of February causes so much anxiety for some that it’s almost quite a relief when it’s over.

 There’s the planning of the day, the outing or the weekend, dinner reservations, and not forgetting the gift and the card. The build-up of nerves when your loved one opens their gift, and, oh god, what if you got it wrong, again!?

 Here, at Cranville Wine Racks, we’d like to make your Valentine’s Day that little bit less stressful, so we thought we’d be helpful and pick some of the best, not to mention romantic, wines for you and your significant other.

 Many people put emphasis on their choice of tipple for this special occasion, as wine is considered to be a good aphrodisiac while also being relaxing at the same time.

 We have picked four of the most popular choices for the occasion, so without further ado, read on for inspiration.

Rosé Wine

 A light and refreshing wine can taste both sweet and dry at the same time. Quite a sophisticated lunch choice; goes well with salads, light pasta, cheeses, pizza and other Italian delicacies.

 • Budget: Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé, Echo Falls Rosé

 • Go On Then: William Chase Provence Rosé

 • Splash Out: Taittinger Prestige Rosé


 A bubbly, sparkling drink that has a tangy yet sweet flavour, traditionally a celebratory wine which goes well with aperitifs, salmon, canapés, desserts, and, best of all, chocolate!

 • Budget: Prosecco, Cava

 • Go On Then: Moët & Chandon, Bollinger

 • Splash Out: Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé Champagne, Dom Pérignon

Sauvignon Blanc

 This white has a distinct yet crisp flavour, usually quite fruity and herbal with a faint, tart, tang. Sauvignon goes quite well with fish and chicken, along with many vegetarian options.

 • Budget: Montpierre Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Blossom Hill Winemakers Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon - 75cl

 • Go On Then: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc - 75cl

 • Splash Out: Château d’ Yquem