News Sep 22, 2016

5 Ways to Organise Your Wine Rack

If you’re a fan of the vino, then we’re fairly certain you’ll have a collection and a half in your wine rack that you’re looking to show off. The only real question now is: just how do you organise them all?

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News Dec 1, 2015

How to turn your wine rack into an advent calendar

Sometimes chocolate advent calendars, with their miniscule treats and flimsy cardboard, just aren’t enough for adults to enjoy during the festive season. 

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News Jul 30, 2015

The world’s most expensive wines

Here at Cranville we appreciate the quality of a wine, as well as its method of storage. Wine is synonymous with class and wealth and sometimes a particular brand or bottle can be worth large amounts of money, especially if they are rare or difficult to produce.

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News Jun 25, 2015

The Wine Rack Rap

Here at Cranville Wine we’ve taken our love for wine racks to a whole new level; we decided to unleash our inner Tupac to present to you the “The Wine Rack Rap.”

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News May 28, 2015

Aldi and Asda Presented International Awards

While we’ve all had our moments when we’ve been a bit ashamed to take out a supermarkets own brand from the wine rack at a get-together, the days of embarrassment are soon to be a thing of the past, as some of the UK’s cheapest wine is declared ‘phenomenal’ by a panel of judges.

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News Feb 26, 2015

DIY Wine Racks

Wine is a delicate favour which requires a worthy wine rack to display its gracefully ageing beauty.

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News Feb 5, 2015

The Messiah of wine tasting

You may already see yourself as the greatest wine tasting host ever and indeed it takes a lot of guts to invite a hundred-odd people into your home so how did this organisers head not implode when 5000 people decided to attend the event and share their passion of fine wines?

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News Jan 22, 2015

Classic 90 Bottle Wine Rack (Product Review)

The Classic 90 Bottle Wine Rack is yet another quality product from one of the best wine rack manufacturers in UK. The Classic 90 bottle Wine Rack has a number of features that make it a primary choice of many wine devotees.

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News Jan 8, 2015

Which Wines Do You Need For Your Wine Rack?

It’s a regular occurrence that you go out for a meal, you decide to try something a little new and ask for a glass of wine you have not tasted before. You taste it and it’s delicious and you decide to order a bottle to be enjoyed throughout your meal.

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News Jan 1, 2015

A Unique Wine Rack!

The wine you choose is unique to you, you may prefer a Pinot Grigio to a Chardonnay or a Rioja to a Merlot and that’s fine. Everyone has their own individual taste when it comes to wine – but why don’t people have their own individual tastes when it comes to wine racks too?

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News Dec 4, 2014

New wine opening device invented

Here at Cranville Wine Racks, though we specialise in the manufacture and retail of wine racks and wine storage systems, we also appreciate drinking wine of the finest quality and a new innovation in the United States allows wine lovers to enjoy a bottle without even pulling the cork.

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News Nov 20, 2014

How to build your own wine rack

A collection of wines can be admirable, but what makes them even better is a classy wine rack to hold them all.A collection of wines can be admirable, but what makes them even better is a classy wine rack to hold them all.

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News Nov 13, 2014

Wine Storage In A Small Kitchen

With more modern homes kitchens can be smaller than they are in older houses, meaning that you are trying to squeeze your "brand new wine rack into an already ‘tight for space’ kitchen.With more modern homes kitchens can be smaller than they are in older houses, meaning that you are trying to squeeze your "brand new wine rack into an already ‘tight for space’ kitchen.

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News Sep 11, 2014

Turn Your Wine Rack into a Sprouter

Bean sprouts are an excellent addition to any diet. Bean sprouts always taste different and they add wonderful flavourings to your meal while offering excellent health benefits.

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News Jul 31, 2014

Adventurous Connoisseurs Spend 20% of Chinas Wine Budget

In recent surveys completed, experts have been able to prove that thirty percent of the richest part of the population of China purchase more than half of the countries entire spend on wine.

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News Jul 10, 2014

Wood and Metal Wine Racks Under the Stairs

With wine becoming more affordable and the choice of countries and varieties growing all the time, people are looking for ways to store wine bottles.

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News Jun 26, 2014

Wood and Metal Wine Racks – Extendable Range

We've commissioned this range especially for Cranville Wine Racks, so that we can offer you top quality rack construction along with the ability to add, change or remove storage as you need to. Robust, but good-looking, these wine racks are a great choice.

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News Jun 5, 2014

Wine Racks - Boost your Health and Wealth

Wine is certainly a drink to be savoured. If you have wine racks bulging with collectors' items featuring vintage years, you'll know how lucrative being a wine buff can be. As well as ensuring you have a suitable drop to celebrate or mark any special occasion, collecting wine is a good investment.

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