Mar 14 2017


If Guinness doesn’t quite hit the spot, then there’s no need to fret as St Patrick’s Day can still be celebrated in style with a glass, or two, of fine wine.

It’s that time of year when everyone with Irish ancestry, or a fondness for green, come together to celebrate the foremost patron saint of Ireland. This year, St Patrick’s Day (17th March) falls on a Friday, so celebrations are guaranteed to continue long into the night.

Where many will be celebrating with a pint of Guinness or dram of Irish whisky, some may much prefer a bottle of matured wine to mark the occasion.

Hosting the Party

Inviting friends and family round for a celebration is a great way to start the weekend and, especially if you have a good number of guests, you will want to make sure there is enough drink to go around.

Generally, three glasses per guest is recommended, so you could end up having to store a good few bottles for the occasion. Wine racks are available in all shapes and sizes and can be manufactured to fit neatly in the kitchen or fill out an entire cellar.

Wine Racks Ensure the Highest Quality

Making use of a wine rack is not only an efficient storage solution, but if used and stored correctly, it will also keep your bottles safe and in a suitable condition - ensuring your wine is served at its highest quality.

When storing wine for a number of guests, it can be tempting to rush out to the nearest supermarket to buy however many bottles you think will be needed and chuck them in the fridge. This only guarantees that everyone drinks wine that has lost a great deal of its intended quality, and that is the mark of a bad host.

Plan ahead and store bottles properly in your wine rack, allowing as little sunlight as possible to reach the bottles, and as little movement as possible - as vibrations can often upset the texture and flavour. This is why many wine racks usually consist of separate compartments for bottle storage.

If you are a wine collector, the chances are that you already make use of a wine rack – St Patrick’s Day is as good of an excuse as any to bring out some of your finest wines that you have had stored away for months, or even years.

The Best Solution

For any wine lover, storing in the proper fashion is a must, especially when there is an excuse to open up a few bottles. For more information on our wine racks and how a bespoke solution may be the perfect answer for you, call our team on 01234 822977.