Aug 28 2014

Wine Racks come in all shapes and sizes, they can be gorgeous displays of art adding to the modern décor of your home or they can be large sturdy wine racks hidden away in your cellar. There are wine racks available for whatever wine storage needs you have. Many people choose corner wine racks as a great way of storing wine while saving space within your home.

Measure the corner of the room where you would like to put the corner wine rack, ensure you leave a few extra centimetres so the wine rack fits snugly in place but so your home decoration is not damaged or scratched.

Have a look at your wine collection; see how many bottles you have and if you want to purchase more wines – do you need a small or large wine rack to store your wines?

You may also want to think about what you want from your wine rack – do you want it to solely store wines or would you like it as a piece of art in your room? Maybe you would like it to be floor standing or even attached to your wall. There are some wine racks that hold the wine glasses as well – is this something you would like?

If you are looking to add a modern feel to the room then maybe consider a decorative metal wine rack, if it’s for the kitchen you may choose a stainless steel wine rack to keep the clean and spotless look, or perhaps a plain wine rack if is to go in your cellar.

Treat purchasing a wine rack as if you were purchasing some furniture, think about what you want from it, how you would like it to look and where you want it to go. If you treat the decision in this way you are bound to choose the right wine rack for you and your home.