Has that wooden wine rack that should contain 24 bottles already overflowing with additional stock? Are you struggling to find additional wine storage space? Your wine collection may be growing, but your available storage space remains the same.

If you have a home or restaurant wine rack system that is struggling to contain more than the 24 bottles or so that it was originally designed for, you need to reconsider your overall wall wine rack solution.

Double-Depth Wooden Wine Rack 

Cranville Wine Racks is pleased to offer you the ideal solution to your problems by introducing our innovative range of double-deep wine racks (wood and metal). Practical, useful, adaptable, and versatile – these are words that come to mind when you switch to one of our double-depth wine bottle racks. After all, double the depth means double the storage space, which makes this range an even more effective wine storage solution. All our double-depth wine racks are delivered fully assembled. 

 Capacity wise, they can cater in a range of configurations, including the following: 

  • 30-bottle wine rack 
  • 84-bottle wine rack 
  • 144-bottle wine rack 
  • Bespoke wine bottle capacities can be accommodated 

Double depth 24 bottle wine...

£23.82 (INC. vat) WAS £26.20

Double depth 30 bottle wine...

£39.68 (INC. vat) WAS £43.65

Double depth 60 bottle wine...

£72.11 (INC. vat) WAS £79.32

Double depth 84 bottle wine...

£92.44 (INC. vat) WAS £101.67

Double depth 144 bottle win...

£150.28 (INC. vat) WAS £165.30

Double depth 54 bottle unde...

£85.73 (INC. vat) WAS £94.31

Wine rack joining kit

£12.28 (INC. vat) WAS £13.50

Wine bottle label protectors

£7.50 (INC. vat) WAS £8.25

Functionality is the key with this range, and it is a fact that was kept firmly in mind throughout the design and building process. Due to this, we aim to make life as easy for you as possible, which is why your chosen wine rack will arrive to you fully assembled and ready to be stocked up for immediate use. Each and every wine rack is sturdy and reliable, ensuring that you are investing in a secure wine storage solution that is guaranteed to last you for many more years to come.  

Create the Optimum Double-Depth Wooden Wine Rack 

We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to customise your chosen wine rack even further. You can choose from a wide range of wood finishes to suit your chosen look, with options including black, natural pine, dark oak stained and walnut stained. Are you worried about whether the rack will fit into the available space within your home or business? We offer an assortment of standard sizes, too: 24, 30, 60, 84, 144, as well as our unique under-stairs wine rack that can hold up to 54 bottles.  

We know how easy it is for your wine collection to continue growing and expanding, which is why you will also be pleased to know that each of our wine rack combinations can quickly and easily be fitted together using our bespoke joining packs. This will allow you to create your own custom-sized storage system – the ideal way to meet your individual requirements.  

If you would like more information or any further assistance, you can also drop us a call at 01234 822977 and we will do our very best to design, build, and deliver the perfect wine rack for your needs.