News Dec 4, 2014

New wine opening device invented

Here at Cranville Wine Racks, though we specialise in the manufacture and retail of wine racks and wine storage systems, we also appreciate drinking wine of the finest quality and a new innovation in the United States allows wine lovers to enjoy a bottle without even pulling the cork.

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News Nov 27, 2014

Winter wines

You’re exploring your wine racks and come across a variety of beautifully aged wines just waiting to be opened, but which are the best to drink during the winter time?

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News Nov 20, 2014

How to build your own wine rack

A collection of wines can be admirable, but what makes them even better is a classy wine rack to hold them all.A collection of wines can be admirable, but what makes them even better is a classy wine rack to hold them all.

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News Nov 13, 2014

Wine Storage In A Small Kitchen

With more modern homes kitchens can be smaller than they are in older houses, meaning that you are trying to squeeze your "brand new wine rack into an already ‘tight for space’ kitchen.With more modern homes kitchens can be smaller than they are in older houses, meaning that you are trying to squeeze your "brand new wine rack into an already ‘tight for space’ kitchen.

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News Nov 6, 2014

Decant or Deceive?

A recent news article in The Sun newspaper has reported how some people are using wine decanters to disguise a cheap bottle of wine for a more expensive wine. With the sales of wine decanters on the rise it looks like this report could speak some truth.

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News Oct 30, 2014

Dear Deidre, When Should I Rack My Wine?

Dear Cranville Wines,

I am a first time wine maker and being experimental with red wine (for starters), when should I rack my wine and how on earth do I do it?

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News Oct 16, 2014

Dear Doug McManaman – We Can Help You

We have recently seen some world records held by Doug McManaman from Nova Scotia that make us wonder if he is unsure where to store his wine glasses. 

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News Oct 16, 2014

Use Your Wine Rack To Help You Get Your Five A Day

We are constantly told by Doctors, Nurses, Health Officials and the Government that we need to get out five fruit and vegetables a day, here at Cranville Wine Racks we have the solution – drink your way through your five a day!

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News Oct 9, 2014

How Do You Store Your Wine?

As far as we are aware most people store their wine bottles in the traditional way – in a wine rack.

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News Oct 2, 2014

There Is A Lot Of Wine To Come!

Here at Cranville Wine Racks we think it is incredibly rude to ignore signs and subsequent orders or demands and this is why we thought we would share this sign with you.

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News Sep 25, 2014

Do You Want A Long And Happy Marriage?

This is a story for all you husbands out there, the ones that love their wives yet still want an easy life, a stress free life and an enjoyable life.

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News Sep 18, 2014

Which Country Drinks The Most Wine?

Here at Cranville Wine Racks we sell a lot of wine racks to the United Kingdom, we tend to do more business in England than in Scotland and Wales and this got us thinking – which country drinks the most wine and therefore subsequently has the most wine racks?

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News Sep 11, 2014

Turn Your Wine Rack into a Sprouter

Bean sprouts are an excellent addition to any diet. Bean sprouts always taste different and they add wonderful flavourings to your meal while offering excellent health benefits.

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News Sep 4, 2014

How Can Wine Racks Work With Your Home Décor?

Wine Racks are a very handy solution to your wine storage needs. They can be made of different woods, stainless steel, wrought iron and many other materials.

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News Aug 28, 2014

Which Corner Wine Rack Is Best For Me?

Wine Racks come in all shapes and sizes, they can be gorgeous displays of art adding to the modern décor of your home or they can be large sturdy wine racks hidden away in your cellar.

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News Aug 21, 2014

Hunt for Happiness – A Funny Wine Quote For You

This week is Hunt for Happiness week and we have tracked down this quote that bought a smile to our faces, hopefully it will bring a smile to your face too

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News Aug 14, 2014

National Trivia Day

The 4th January is National Trivia Day and here are some wine rack facts for you to share with your friends, over a glass of wine perhaps?

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News Aug 7, 2014

The Perfect Gift For My Wine Loving, Guitar Playing Brother-In-Law

I never know what to get my brother in law. He has been married to my sister for over 10 years now. Every year when they first got together I got him socks, smellies or a shirt and tie. But getting this for him every Birthday and Christmas can begin to get a little bit tedious and predictable.

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News Jul 31, 2014

Adventurous Connoisseurs Spend 20% of Chinas Wine Budget

In recent surveys completed, experts have been able to prove that thirty percent of the richest part of the population of China purchase more than half of the countries entire spend on wine.

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News Jul 24, 2014

Wood and Metal Wine Racks – A New Year’s Resolution?

If you were lucky enough to get some good bottles of wine for Christmas, or you just went out and treated yourself to a case or two in preparation for the festivities, you’ll need somewhere to store what’s left properly so that you can enjoy it in the future.

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