Jan 01 2015

A Unique Wine Rack!

The wine you choose is unique to you, you may prefer a Pinot Grigio to a Chardonnay or a Rioja to a Merlot and that’s fine. Everyone has their own individual taste when it comes to wine – but why don’t people have their own individual tastes when it comes to wine racks too?

In this picture we can see that a car part has been used to create this wine rack, it certainly stands out and it’s unique to the owner, showing his personality through the way he chooses to store his bottles of wine.

There are lots of different and varied wine racks on the market. You don’t always need to choose traditional wine racks instead you could choose unique wine racks.

If you have a very olde-worlde feel to your home then why not consider a wine rack that would suit this feel to your home?

Alternatively you may be deeply into music, meaning that you could choose a brushed chrome guitar wine rack, it’s a very contemporary wine rack and looks fab against a plain coloured wall. Or a wooden wine rack with the look of piano keys down the side of it. As this style of wooden wine rack is often made of dark wood it looks great against most backgrounds, even next to a bookcase or sofa.

However if you are looking at wine racks for your cellar where you store a vast quantity of wines then perhaps it is better to go for plain and simple wine rack cubes or wood and metal wine racks that are able to hold lots of wine while taking up minimal space in your room.

The rule of thumb when it comes to wine racks is that if people are going to see it then make it something special to see!