Jul 31 2014

In recent surveys completed, experts have been able to prove that thirty percent of the richest part of the population of China purchase more than half of the countries entire spend on wine.

The richest region in China relies heavily on wine as an important accompaniment to business entertaining. The wine purchased by this sector accounts for forty percent of Chinas spend on wine.

Bordeuax and Burgandy tend to be the most popular of wines purchased by the big spenders in China. However these people do not purchase these wines for every day drinking within their homes.

It has also been revealed through this research that the ‘Adventurous Connoisseurs’ in China account for over twenty percent of China’s wine budget, however this group represents less that ten percent of the wine drinking population. We have classed these people as ‘Adventurous Connoisseurs’ due to types of wine they drink.

The research also shows us that over fifty percent of the wine drinking population in China are young people trying out wines and those people who purchase wine to drink within their home. However these people only contribute to around a third of the sales in terms of the volume purchased.