Feb 26 2015

Wine is a delicate favour which requires a worthy wine rack to display its gracefully ageing beauty.

Making your own wine rack may seem like a huge task and quite an expensive one at that; however here is a list of the top five DIY friendly wine racks which you can build yourself at home to hold your marvellous collection of aged wines.

A novel way you can create your own wine rack is by using cans, yes cans! Not only is this technique eco-friendly, it is also extremely easy to assemble while still looking impressive. To assemble this masterpiece, all you need to do if find some old cans and peel the labels off before thoroughly washing them out.

After this you can paint them anyway you want, be imaginative and decorate them according to your personal styles and tastes, then simply glue them together! The best thing about this alternative wine rack is that it is so easy to build and it demonstrates a passion for simplicity.

Another one of our favourites is the pallet shelf which, as you guessed, is entirely made of left over pallets. Slapping on a layer of paint or wood stain will work especially well with this little number, especially if you want it to appear rustic and old-fashioned.

Alternatively, if you prefer your wines to be a little showier then how about installing some galvanised pipe hangers to get the job done? This form of wine rack is a little trickier to build than the rest, however given the right tools and basic carpentry experience you can get this rack up in no time.

One of the most interesting wine racks around is the wood scrap rack which consists of no more than a scrap of old wood and some holes. However, what makes this piece so intriguing is its simple natural beauty entwined with the gorgeous array of deep red and sparkling white wines all working towards creating a unique and remarkable piece of furniture.

Lastly, if you fancy a vintage edge to your wine rack, then why not use an old soup crate to be the body of your rack. This wine rack can either sit on the floor or be customised with some hairpin legs, depending on your personal preferences.

So, these are just a few of the many DIY wine rack ideas that you can follow, take inspiration from or ultimately recreate.