Jul 10 2014

Wondering how to make the best use of your under-stairs space? Install wood or metal wine racks!

With wine becoming more affordable and the choice of countries and varieties growing all the time, people are looking for ways to store wine bottles. Whether you’re collecting good wine or just stockpiling wine for every day, you need to find a way of keeping your wine in a safe, but accessible place, where the temperature conditions won’t spoil it. Wood and metal wine racks are adaptable and affordable ways of sorting out your storage problems.

Fitting Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to store the racks that are storing your wine. From counter-top 12-bottle racks to professionally-fitted cellars, there’s no shortage of options. However, for many homes in the UK, the space under the stairs is a great place to store your wine. These spaces, whether they’re open to the hall or have been walled off to produce a cupboard, are ideal locations for wood or metal wine racks. With a constant temperature, easy access and without taking up any additional space, it’s the perfect solution. What’s more, you can buy wood and metal wine racks that are designed to fit in these spaces, helping you to maximise the amount of wine you can store:

  • Durable materials – wood and metal wine racks are durable and sturdy, so they won’t collapse when full of wine and they won’t bend or break unless they are overloaded against the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Versatile – many wood and metal wine racks are part of a larger system so you can add to them as your collection grows or as you find more space. Buy a smaller rack to begin with and then just add extra storage space, securing one rack to another with clips to keep the structure strong. Split your wine rack between two areas under the stairs or build an entire storage system from scratch.
  • Good for wine – all wine storage is designed to keep your wine in good condition. As long as you make sure that the area you’ve set aside for wine storage is not subject to sudden changes in temperature or humidity, your wine won’t be damaged. Buying a specialist wood or metal wine rack is a good investment and is much better for your wine than being stored upright in a case or wine box.

Wood and Metal Wine Racks from Cranville Wine Racks

If you think that the area under your stairs is perfect for storing your wine collection, why not look at our selection of wood and metal wine racks. We stock a range of sizes and designs, including racks specially , made to fit under stairs. You can buy online today or call us on 01234 822977 to find out more.