Jan 08 2015

It’s a regular occurrence that you go out for a meal, you decide to try something a little new and ask for a glass of wine you have not tasted before. You taste it and it’s delicious and you decide to order a bottle to be enjoyed throughout your meal. When you get to the supermarket you decide to buy a few bottles to keep in your metal wine rack but you have forgotten what the wine was called, look in the wine section and you can’t find it anywhere – you don’t even recognise any of the labels.

This has happened to numerous people and this is where the creation and invention of the Vivino App (and similar apps) came from. Wine apps like Vivino offer a virtual collection of wines with personal ratings, names and labels saved so you will never be looking for a forgotten wine again.

Vivino is one of the most popular wine apps, allowing you to create a list of every single wine you have tasted and then allowing you to rate the wine. This means you will never buy a bottle of wine you didn’t like again as the app will remind you of your rating of it.

The great thing about Vivino is that is recognises wine labels too so you can take a photo of the bottle of wine and the app will recognise it. As with all technology, sometimes this does not work, but Vivino has a backup if the app doesn’t recognise the wine bottle - the Vivino Wine Recognition team will manually match the wine for you.

There is also a social networking side to this app which allows you to chat with friends about the wines you like and dislike and also recommend wines for a dinner party. On top of this there is a ‘Nearby’ feature which lets you check the wines you can purchase at nearby shops or restaurants!

Will you be using this wine app to stock up your traditional wine racks?