Sep 11 2014

Bean sprouts are an excellent addition to any diet. Bean sprouts always taste different and they add wonderful flavourings to your meal while offering excellent health benefits.

The cubbyholes of a wine rack are ideal for growing bean sprouts; in this article we discuss how you can use your wine rack as a place to grow bean sprouts.

The first step to growing bean sprouts is to purchase a small metal wine rack; you need to ensure it has individual spaces for each bottle of wine and that the wine rack stacks at least two high.

Once you have chosen your metal wine rack you need to pour in enough water to wet the ground at the bottom of the wine rack.

You now need to measure the perimeter of the wine rack and add an extra inch to each side, this total amount is the amount of mesh you will need, you then need to secure the mesh netting to the wine rack with netting clips.

Next you will need a large pan or tray with edges, place your wine rack onto this. Edges are needed on the base pan or tray as it will hold excess water for the sprouts.

Now cover the rack with cling-film or a clear plastic wrap, place a damp towel over the top of this and put your sprouts inside. Your sprouts are now shaded and moist and ready to be used when you need them.

You now have two uses for your wine racks – store wine in them or turn them into a bean sprouter when you’re out of wine.