Dec 01 2015

Sometimes chocolate advent calendars, with their miniscule treats and flimsy cardboard, just aren’t enough for adults to enjoy during the festive season. If you want to get creative and design your own advent calendar this Christmas, why not use a wine rack for inspiration? Perfect for yourself or for loved ones; just follow these easy steps for creating the perfect advent calendar for adults.

What you’ll need:

• A wine rack with a minimum of 24 holes

• 24 small gifts – these could be small bottles of wine, luxury chocolates, bottles of beer, or anything else that takes your fancy but can fit within each wine cell

• Festive wrapping paper

• Scissors

• Cardboard (optional)

• Cellotape

• A pen


1. Choose 24 gifts and place them within each cell of your wine rack. If you’ve chosen a special present for the 24th/25th hole be sure to remember where you’ve placed it.

2. When covering your wine rack in wrapping paper there are three ways you can do this: a. The easy way – just cover the whole wine rack with the paper so that the cells have to be ripped into to get the gifts. b. The impressive way – stick the wrapping paper to the cardboard, as this way you can create doors for each cell with scissors before you place the cardboard in front of the rack. c. The creative way – stick different pieces of wrapping paper to the cardboard and cut them out to create different doors for each of the 24 cells, making them as colourful as possible before attaching them individually to the wine rack.

3. With a pen, mark the doors with their numbers, which you can either do chronologically or just at random.

4. Decorate with tinsel, fairy lights, and any other festive finishing touches to your very own personalised advent calendar.


• If your wine rack cells do not have surfaces to place gifts in, choose 24 lightweight gifts which you could hang from the top of each cell with a pipe cleaner or with string, such as chocolate coins.

• If you do use normal-sized bottles of wine rather than small ones (tis the season to be jolly after all), make sure there’s enough space at the back of each cell to place them, otherwise the wine bottle will poke through the door/wrapping paper.

• Even though you’re using a wine rack, this would also make a great advent calendar idea for kids using chocolates or small toys. Becoming a decorative centre piece for your home which children can decorate, it also provides enough space to place multiple gifts in each cell if you have more than one child.