Feb 05 2015

You may already see yourself as the greatest wine tasting host ever and indeed it takes a lot of guts to invite a hundred-odd people into your home so how did this organisers head not implode when 5000 people decided to attend the event and share their passion of fine wines?

The world record for largest wine-tasting event currently stands at an incredible 5,095 attendees holding their glass high for the night ahead and was hosted by Fernando Ortiz Torres. The event was held in Spain at the Plaza de Toros, an arena renowned for its bullfights and appearances in several celebrity music videos such as Madonna’s ‘take a bow’.

If you’re planning a wine tasting event to be held in your home perhaps plan on a smaller scale if you want to avoid the potential disaster of not enough wine to go around, let alone the problem of inviting strangers into your house and the issue of not having enough space. Although 5000 guests would make one heck of a party, unless you have an arena or million dollar house it is strongly advised to keep it minimal and focus on entertaining those dearest to you in order to guarantee an excellent night for you and your guests.

When planning to host a wine tasting event the key to success is to be fully organised pre-party; this means ensuring that each wine bottle is carefully stored in a wine rack, and that there are enough glasses to cater for each guest and if desired, each cheese is set out according to taste and title. If you haven’t yet purchased a wine rack now would be a good moment as it will help your guests browse through your collection of aged wines and will help add to the sophisticated nature of your event.

So, unless you can turn water into wine and feed the 5,000, it is recommended plan your event on a smaller scale in order to cater for all of your guests and promise them a fantastic night.