Nov 13 2014

With more modern homes kitchens can be smaller than they are in older houses, meaning that you are trying to squeeze your brand new wine rack into an already ‘tight for space’ kitchen.

If you have little space in your kitchen cupboards and floor why not consider a wall mounted wine rack which can save valuable space in your kitchen, while storing all your favourite wines and being a decorative addition to the room as a whole.

Here at Cranville Wine Racks we have wall mounted wine racks that have space for between 4 and 27 bottles and some hold wine glasses too, so all you need is in the same place.

The great thing about wall mounted wine racks is that they free up the space in your cupboards, no longer will you accidently knock over wine glasses while reaching for another or traipse into the garage or another room for a bottle of wine – everything is in one place, on the wall of your kitchen.

Why not have a look at our wide selection of wine racks today and see which one is ideal for your home?