Dec 04 2014

Here at Cranville Wine Racks, though we specialise in the manufacture and retail of wine racks and wine storage systems, we also appreciate drinking wine of the finest quality and a new innovation in the United States allows wine lovers to enjoy a bottle without even pulling the cork.

Made by an American firm, Coravin, the so called “wine access system” leaves the cork in place, which helps to protect the wine from oxidation and leaves the wine to settle naturally.

The new technology works by passing a thin, hollow needle through the foil and cork and into the wine. The bottle is then pressurised with argon, an inert gas that is used by some winemakers. The pressure from the argon then pushes the wine back through the needle and into a glass without any oxygen getting into the bottle. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals itself.

Ingenious indeed, but unfortunately such luxury comes at a price and the device currently retails in the US for $299 (£197) However, It is hoped the system will enable restaurants and connoisseurs to stock a broader selection of wines, and for longer, as it effectively removes the age old industry problem of oxidisation.

President and CEO of Coravin, Nick Lazaris, said: “Coravin Wine Access Technology solves the age-old problem that wine oxidizes after the cork is pulled. With the launch of this innovative product, we will transform the experience of pouring and enjoying wine for everyone from the casual wine enthusiast to the serious collector, to restaurants and wineries.”

Wine is delicate by nature, so in order to maintain its quality it must be served and stored appropriately and though not as scientifically advanced as the above cork-less system, Cranville’s quality choice of wine racks ensure bottles are secure and the product, looked after.