Jun 05 2014

Wine is certainly a drink to be savoured. If you have wine racks bulging with collectors' items featuring vintage years, you'll know how lucrative being a wine buff can be. As well as ensuring you have a suitable drop to celebrate or mark any special occasion, collecting wine is a good investment.

Whitehall Wine Racks Worth 800k

The BBC recently reported that the Whitehall wine cellar was worth £800k. It's a remarkable figure; the wine racks in the government's wine cellar feature an estimated 39,000 bottles of wine, as well as 500 bottles of spirits and liqueurs. Foreign Office minister Gillian Merron burst the cork on the lucrative wine racks in a parliamentary answer to Liberal Democrat Don Foster. Beer was also bought on an 'ad hoc' basis, leaving the Liberal Democrats to respond that the government was living beyond its means. Mr Foster was quoted on the BBC: “They expect the rest of us to cut back but they still haven't given up their taste for the high life.”

Economic Gloom? Pass the Corkscrew

The wine racks across the UK may not be bulging in quite the same spectacular way as Whitehall, but wine is one of the things many people refuse to give up during the credit crunch. On one end of the spectrum, many investors are turning their attention to the world of wine and stocking up their wine racks as they look for safer investments during the turbulent economic times. At the other end, more shoppers are opting for cases of wine for their wine racks to ensure value for money, or scouring the internet for fantastic bargains. When times are gloomy – wine lovers certainly become more appreciative of a glass or two!

The financial benefits of investing in wine racks packed with collectors' items is evident in the news. In Guernsey recently, a collection of vintage wine hidden in a Guernsey cellar during World War Two to stop the Nazi's getting their hands on it, was sold for £50,000. The auction saw exquisite wines from the hidden wine rack reaching extravagant prices, including six bottles of Chateau Latour 1926, sold for £1,300, 24 bottles of Chateau Ausone 1928, which went in total for £1,720, and eight bottles of Mouton Rothschild 1928, which sold for £820.

Drink Wine – Live Longer?

Even if you're not in a position to create a collector's wine rack, everyone can enjoy the benefits of fine wine at affordable prices – whether it's a chilled glass of Chablis on a summer's day, a warming pinot noir on a wintry evening or a drinkable Shiraz or Chardonnay to accompany lunch – wine it seems is good for your health as well as your wealth. There have been endless surveys into how wine can help improve heart health and even memory, and now a study from the Netherlands says the equivalent of half a glass of wine a day appears to extend lifespan. The study followed a group of randomly selected men over forty years and found light, long-term wine consumption was linked to an increase in life expectancy of nearly five years.

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