Nov 20 2014

A collection of wines can be admirable, but what makes them even better is a classy wine rack to hold them all.

Building your own wine rack is something to be proud of, it requires dedication and craftsmanship to be able to create a beautiful piece secure enough to keep your aged beverages to show off to all your friends.

The first thing to do is to determine the size of your wine rack.

By doing this, you are ensuring that all of your wines will fit perfectly into the slots you are about to create while also choosing the ideal spot to sit your masterpiece.

A tip for deciding the size is to bear in mind that the racks usually hold the bottles horizontally to keep the cork wet and keep any debris that might fall out of the neck of the bottle, making sure the wine stays fresh and ready.

After all your planks and frames are measured out and freshly cut, put these aside and just keep the frame at hand. The next thing to do is to make sure that your wine rack is deep enough. It is always good to ensure that the depth is at least seven inches. This means that it is less likely that the tops of the bottles won’t stick out as much, which makes for a steadier wine rack.

You also need to make sure when designing that you create slots that only accommodate one bottle at a time, making them easier to access when needed.

The final thing is to, of course, secure the joints for the frame and the planks and imbed the screws into the wood making sure it will hold the intended weight.

A tip for this final step is to make sure you drill holes in the wood before then applying the screws; this prevents cracking the wood and wasting all your hard work.

And there you have it! Your very own wine rack is now complete. Display your vast collection of matured beverages in your very own custom made wine rack.

Alternatively you could just give us a call at Cranville Wine Racks and we will take care of the design, fabrication and fitting.