Jul 24 2014

Need to sort out your wine collection? Invest in quality wood and metal wine racks.

If you were lucky enough to get some good bottles of wine for Christmas, or you just went out and treated yourself to a case or two in preparation for the festivities, you’ll need somewhere to store what’s left properly so that you can enjoy it in the future. You need good quality wood and metal wine racks that can safely store your wine.

New Wood and Metal Wine Racks

If you’re selecting new wood and metal wine racks to cope with the post-Christmas bottles in your collection, there are several things to think about:

  • Space – where are you planning to keep your wine? Do you have a cupboard, a cellar, or a kitchen surface that you’re going to use? Before you decide, make sure you check that the conditions are good for storing wine. Too hot or too cold, or too much humidity can damage your wine. You also need to measure your space to see how much wine storage you can accommodate. Wood and metal wine racks come in different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs.
  • Existing storage – do you already have some form of wine storage? Most people have one or two wine racks in the kitchen or in a safe place, and you might want to choose wood or metal wine racks that match what you already have. Some systems can be joined together to create larger storage and you might want to look into whether you can find something that works with your existing racks.
  • Cost – you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good quality wood or metal wine rack. In fact, it can be cheaper than you think to store your wine properly and safely. Unless you have a huge collection and you need to fit out an entire wine cellar, you can manage with a good quality wine storage system that allows you to store and retrieve your wine quickly and easily.

Wood and Metal Wine Racks from Cranville

If you’re looking for great quality wood and metal wine racks, whether it’s standalone, modular, contemporary or traditional, come to Cranville Wine Racks. We have a great collection of racks for your home and you can choose exactly what you need and what you can afford and order online securely through our online shop. If you have any queries about our products, please use our online form to contact us or call us on 01234 822977.