Jul 17 2023

Where to Put Your Wine Rack in the Home

When it comes to storing wine in the home, a wine rack is the way forwards. Whether it’s large wooden wine racks that are wall-mounted or floor-standing wine racks that are UK-manufactured, wine racks are essential for storing a quality wine collection. This is because floor- or wall-mounted wine racks in the UK provide the perfect conditions to store wine, meaning it can withstand years of storage without the drinking experience being compromised. Despite this, a wine rack alone isn’t enough to guarantee that the wine is being kept in its optimal condition, as there are a number of affecting factors to consider, as detailed below.

Wood and metal wine racks

Which Room Should I Place my Wine Rack in?

Before anything else, you need to consider where a wine rack would be best placed in the home. For instance, the kitchen is a popular place for a wood wall wine rack to be placed, but this might not necessarily be the best idea. This is because the kitchen isn’t the most predictable of environments. When cooking, the steam that gets produced can elevate the temperature, and condensation can begin to settle. Each of these instances can cause complications for the wine, meaning it might become undrinkable before you get the chance to enjoy it.

Other rooms, such as the dining room or living room, can be suitable environments for wooden wall-mounted wine racks to be placed. Despite this, this depends on the unique conditions of the specific rooms. For instance, if you have a set of patio doors that allow plenty of light into the space, this might not create the best wine storage environment.

So, if you’re looking for a space with a consistent temperature, limited condensation, and reduced sunlight, where is the best room in the house to place small wine racks in the UK? If you have a cellar or basement, this type of space tends to be ideal for wine storage. The same can often be said for under-stair wine storage, as these spaces are typically dark, dry, and of a consistent temperature.

Which Types of Wine Racks Work with Certain Locations?

Once you’ve established which room would be best to accommodate a wine rack, the time comes to decide which type of wine rack is suited to the room. For instance, if your kitchen is well-ventilated and you’ve decided this is the ideal place for a wine rack, you might opt for a floor-standing wine rack. This is because heat rises, meaning any steam created by cooking will rise and form condensation. As a result, you don’t want your wine rack to sit higher than the cooker, which would likely be the case for a wall-mounted wine rack.

If you’ve decided that your dining room or living room is the ideal location for your new wine rack, a wall-mounted one might be the way forward. This is because a wall-mounted wine rack can act as a decorative piece as well as a storage solution. What’s more, most homeowners wish to maximise their floor space, and a wall-mounted wine rack can help ensure that a significant portion of the room isn’t occupied by a wine rack.

Perhaps a small room under the stairs is your answer to wine storage, which is why we actually provide understairs racks that are designed with the sloped nature of stairs in mind. This way, you shan’t have to wrestle with an inconveniently shaped wine rack to make it fit the space; instead, the clever design will slot into the space effortlessly.

Should you have a basement or cellar space that you can dedicate to wine storage in its entirety, Cranville Wine Racks can take it that one step further. This is because we’re able to craft bespoke wine racks that are designed with the specifics of your unique space in mind. Bespoke wine racks will allow you to maximise your available space and ensure that your wine is provided with the best conditions possible.

What to Look for in a Good Storage Space

As previously mentioned, a good wine storage space has a consistent temperature, reduced sunlight, and limited condensation. This is because storing wine in too cold of an environment slows the ageing process, meaning that the flavour and aroma can be seriously impacted. On the other hand, if wine gets too hot, it can start to cook; as you can imagine, this doesn’t result in a very pleasant taste. This contributes to the fact that wine should be kept out of sunlight, but it goes beyond this. In fact, the pantothenic acid and riboflavin that are naturally found in wine can negatively react to the UV rays produced by the sun. As a result, sulphur can be released, which results in an unpleasant aroma and taste.

Finally, while some humidity is good for corks, too much can lead to them being damaged. If a wine bottle’s cork is damaged, this will lead to the wine itself spoiling.

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