Jun 30 2022


No alcohol rosé wine, white wine, red wine, and sparkling wine is becoming increasingly popular. Non-alcoholic is a great option for those who love and appreciate the taste and aromas of wine but don’t care for its effects. Similarly, non-alcoholic wine enables underage people and teetotal individuals to partake in toasts and appreciate the way in which wine complements food. There is a multitude of benefits to non-alcoholic wine; however, it begs the question of how to store non-alcoholic wine. Is home wine storage for non-alcoholic wine the same as alcoholic wine? Discover more with Cranville Wine Racks.

How Do You Store Wine?

First thing’s first, it’s important to know how alcoholic wine should be stored. When it comes to alcoholic wine, the temperature is probably the greatest affecting factor, and it’s tricky to tread the balance. Unsuitably cold or warm temperatures can spoil alcoholic wine and, depending on the type, it should typically be stored around 13ºC. Much like temperature, humidity is also an important factor in alcoholic wine storage, as the humidity should sit between 60 and 68 percent. If humidity is too low, the corks may dry out, whereas higher humidity can cause labels to peel.

Additionally, alcoholic wine should be stored horizontally in order to keep the cork moist. This is well within reach with the help of our range of home wine racks. Similarly, alcoholic wine should be protected from light and vibration, as UV rays can inflict damage on the aromas and flavours, whilst vibrations can disturb the sediments.

What is Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Non-alcoholic wine is just grape juice, right? Wrong! Although non-alcoholic wine is (mostly) alcohol-free, it still contains the yeasts of alcoholic wine and undergoes the same fermentation and vinification process. Therefore, it wouldn’t be accurate to deem non-alcoholic wine as standard grape juice.

When was Non-Alcoholic Wine Invented?

Alcoholic wine dates back around 8000 years; however, the same can’t be said for non-alcoholic wine. In fact, non-alcoholic wine wasn’t invented until 1908, making it a somewhat new beverage. The production of such was spurred on as the Jung family in Germany experienced a noticeable loss of profit due to their customers being advised to drink less alcohol by their doctors.

How is Non-Alcoholic Wine Made?

Non-alcoholic wine is produced via the de-alcoholisation process in which grapes are fermented, vinified, and transformed into an alcoholic product. Following this, the alcohol is then removed via reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation. Quite simply, non-alcoholic wine is made in the same way as alcoholic wine, just with some added steps to remove the alcohol.

Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Completely Alcohol-Free?

As a rule of thumb, there will be extremely minimal amounts of alcohol, even in non-alcoholic wines. Non-alcoholic wines that are produced via the de-alcoholisation process will likely contain traces of alcohol; however, this isn’t the case for non-alcoholic “wines” that haven’t undergone fermentation or vinification. These “wines” will have zero alcohol content and can otherwise be deemed fancy grape juice.

What is the Shelf Life of Non-Alcoholic Wine?

The shelf life of unopened non-alcoholic wine is much shorter than its alcoholic counterparts, as the bottles will only last for a year or two. Despite this, once opened, their longevity is almost identical to opened alcoholic wine, as opened alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines alike should be consumed within a few days.

How Should Non-Alcoholic Wine Be Stored?

Since non-alcoholic wine undergoes an almost identical process to alcoholic wine, the rules for storing it are incredibly similar. Like alcoholic wine, non-alcoholic wine should be stored in an environment of a stable temperature and away from sunlight. With this being said, whether the non-alcoholic wine has a cork or a lid also plays a role in how it should be stored. As previously mentioned, bottles with a cork require optimal humidity levels and should be stored horizontally. If the bottle has a lid, this isn’t as important and the quality of the non-alcoholic wine shouldn’t be affected.

Store No Alcohol Wine with Cranville Wine Racks

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