Oct 21 2022

Wine Cabinet Buyer’s Guide

It’s all well and good to bulk out your wine collection, but you need to make sure that you have somewhere to store this extra wine. Whether it’s a wine cabinet for the kitchen or a wine cabinet cooler, any wine enthusiast must know how to store wine without a cellar. In fact, learning how to store wine bottles goes way beyond simply placing them in the kitchen cupboard, and more specialist equipment is required. This is because wine requires a consistent temperature to remain in good condition, making a designated area absolutely essential. 

Despite this, the choices are endless when it comes to selecting a wine cabinet, which is why we’ve put together this handy buyer’s guide. 

Types of Wine Cupboard

As previously mentioned, there is no one solution when it comes to wine storage. Listed below are some of the most popular wine cabinets. 

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks in the UK

First up are wall-mounted wine racks, which serve a double purpose of practicality and decoration. In fact, most wall-mounted solutions resemble artwork, making a visual contribution to the space, as well as a functional one. Moreover, wall-mounted wine racks don’t require any floor space, giving them an edge when it comes to space-saving. 

Naturally, wall-mounted wine racks are smaller than other wine storage solutions since you don’t want them to bear so much weight that it falls. As a result, decorative wine racks of 12 bottles are standard; a capacity higher than this will usually focus on sturdiness over embellishment. 

Countertop Wine Racks

Like wall-mounted wine racks, countertop wine racks tend to be on the smaller side, as they’re intended to sit nicely on a kitchen counter. Despite this, if you’re low on countertop space, these types of wine racks can act as a classic decoration in any area of your home. 

Floor Wine Racks

If you have a relatively large collection, a floor wine rack might be what you’re looking for. Since they’re freestanding, you don’t need to worry about them crashing down when they’re holding over 100 bottles. This isn’t to say that smaller floor wine racks aren’t also available, but this type of storage is more geared towards the avid wine collector. 

Factors of Consideration 

Once you’ve assessed all the types of wine cabinets, you must then go on to contemplate an array of other factors.

Size and Capacity

Perhaps the most vital factor of consideration is the cabinet’s size and capacity. Do you need a wine rack for 24 bottles or storage for 144 bottles? As previously mentioned, if you have a collection that doesn’t creep into the hundreds, a wall-mounted or countertop. On the other hand, if you’re looking to grow your collection, it may be wise to invest in a floor wine rack that can manage a higher capacity.

As well as the number of bottles, you need to consider the size of the bottles. Most types of wine come in a standard size; however, Bordeaux or Champagne bottles can sometimes differ slightly. Consequently, your chosen wine cabinet needs to be equipped for such. 


As previously mentioned, many wine cabinets double up as decorative pieces, so you need to determine your desired aesthetic for your wine cabinet. With this being said, even if the appearance is very important to you, you should never prioritise this over the sturdiness of the product. 


Most wine cabinets are made from wood or metal; at Cranville Wine Racks, our products are made from both! As a result, our wine racks are strong, sturdy, and boast a sophisticated appearance. 


Here at Cranville Wine Racks, we offer solutions from as little as £12.24, all the way up to £150 plus. In spite of our affordable prices, we don’t compromise on quality, and we’re able to offer some of the best wine racks on the market. 

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