Mar 22 2024

How Many Types of Wine Racks Are There?

The storage of wine is both a practical and emotional decision that you will have to make as your wine collection grows. It’s practical because you will need to weigh up the physical space that you have available in which to decide to combine free-standing wine racks and wall-mounted wine rack options. It’s emotional because the aesthetics of your choices are redolent of the passion you infuse in your collection. For example, an oak wine rack may offer more depth and tradition than a simpler metal wine rack. 

This article outlines the wide range of wine racks that we offer through Cranville. All our ranges are modular in design, which means that you can add to them as your wine collection grows and can be adapted for both home and business use. So, whether you are a private collector investing in a wine collection that you are storing on your under-stairs wine rack or you are a restaurant business considering how a fridge wine rack can be accommodated into your bar area, then read on.  

Wooden Wine Racks vs Metal Wine Racks 

The aesthetics of your wine rack selection ultimately comes down to personal choice. Our best-selling range is the self-assembly metal and wooden wine rack sections that are delivered in a variety of bottle count sizes for you to build and add to as your collection grows and expands. 

Whether you need storage for 12 bottles or 90, you can choose from either natural pine or dark oak stained finishes, which are complemented with galvanised metal supports for a solid and sturdy storage option.  

Check out our wooden wine rack options here. 

If you want something a bit more original, Cranville stocks a range of more ornate and unusual wrought iron and metal wine rack ranges. These more decorative designs will make a great focal point (with the practical function of storing your wine) dotted throughout a restaurant or bar, or equally in the home.  

With different finishes to choose from, such as matte black or brilliant white, and different designs, selecting the right metal wine rack for your environment will elevate the overall ambience of the room.  

Check out our wrought iron and metal wine rack range here.  

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Options 

While our metal and wooden wine rack sections are free-standing and can be moved around according to your changing wine storage needs, a wall-mounted wine rack offers an alternative and more permanent method of storage. 

This range offers a great space-saving solution, and is available in a number of different sizes, from a single column rack for nine bottles to a triple-depth, 12-bottles-high tall wine rack, giving an overall storage quantity of 36 bottles.  

While multiple bottle storage is served by these tall wine racks, Cranville also stocks a number of smaller, more quirky options that can be fitted as part of the overall interior design of your home or business. Vino Pins, for example, is a metal wine rack system that consists of a simple rack peg mounted directly into the wall. It is stylish and minimalist, and turns your wine storage solution into a work of art. 

Alternatively, the Iron 6-bottle wall-mounted wine rack brings a rough and ready rustic alternative, combining wrought iron with an old-fashioned fixing board that can be hung horizontally or vertically.  

Check out our wall mounted wine rack range here.  

Under-Stairs Wine Rack 

In confined spaces where space is at a premium, an under-stairs wine rack enables you to maximise the available use of space. Under the stairs is actually a great place to store your wine – it is often dead space that goes to waste, is usually dark and cool, and is tucked out of harm's way. Our metal and wooden free-standing wine racks are ideal to fit into this often-restricted space, as they can be assembled to follow the slope of the stairs. 

Bespoke Wine Racks 

If you are not sure what to purchase after browsing through our different products here, then drop us a line and we can discuss your options for ordering bespoke wine racks. It may be that you have a dedicated space available that you want to optimise for your wine collection. It may be that you want to integrate the best bar design with hanging wine glass rack sections built in. It may be that you want to create a wine storage solution with integrated fridge wine rack options. 

Whatever your taste and needs, Cranville will work with you to ensure that we create a wine storage solution that meets your practical and emotional wine rack requirements.  

You can learn more about how we help create the perfect bespoke wine racks here. Alternatively, just give us a call at 012324 822977 or drop us a line though our contact page and we will come back to you to discuss your wine storage requirements in more detail.