Sep 01 2022

 A Guide to Uncorking Wine

Our Wine Racks

Cranville Wine Racks have a variety of metal and wooden wine racks that are bound to meet your needs!

We pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with both metal and wooden quality wine racks. These are practical and useful in storing your wine and mean your alcohol is given the best chance of remaining in the best condition. Our racks are delivered to your door fully assembled, and this means you can begin to use it right away, with no hassle or time-wasting in putting it together.

For our bespoke wine racks, we are able to custom make racks to fit your designated space perfectly. We have four wood stain finishes; pine, dark oak, walnut pine and black. This variety means that you can match it to other furniture and wood in the room for a co-ordinated effect or choose to contrast it with a wood finish that opposes the other wood in the room, whether it be on the floor, beams or furniture.

Besides wood racks, we also have different finishes for our metal wine racks. These are powder-coated black steel and galvanised steel. These finishes make the racks looks classy and sophisticated, whereas the wooden racks give a feeling of authenticity and originality, both of which can be customed to the feel you are looking for.

We also offer double-depth storage racks, which ensure that the alcohol is stored in a good condition to avoid being spoiled. These are perfect for wine lovers who have several bottles of alcohol! As well as these, we sell wine display racks, which add to the appearance of wine displays.


How To Uncork a Wine Bottle

First, hold the bottle of wine still before making a cut in the foil at the bottom of the lower lip. Then, push the corkscrew in the centre of the cork. Rotate the screw a number of times to loosen, and slowly pull the cork out.


How Do You Store Wine?

Wine should typically be stored at around 13°C, but this depends on the type of alcohol. If the wine is stored in conditions that are too hot or too cold, it risks spoiling the drink. Additionally, humidity must be considered when storing wine. Humidity levels should remain around 60-68%, because if too low, the corks may dry out, and if too high, labels on the bottles will gradually peel off. Therefore, the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the wine is stored in has a direct effect on the quality of the product.


Does Wine Go Off?

The short answer is yes, it can go bad, but this depends on the type of wine. Some wines are meant to last for decades, while others only last up to a year. Even so, any opened bottles should be consumed within a few days, whereas unopened, sealed bottles can be saved for when you need them!

There are several signs that indicate whether your wine has gone off:

If the cork has come out slightly, the best thing to do is discard the wine. This is because it suggests that it has been inadequately stored, and due to the heat, the cork has been pushed further out, which may have ruined the wine. Proper storage will ensure this does not happen. Equally, the smell of the wine can also indicate whether it has gone bad. If it smells musty or mouldy, it is best not the consume the wine. The colour of the wine can also show if wine has gone off; if red wine looks brown, or white wine looks yellow, it is likely that they have not been stored well or have gone off due to other reasons.


This is why it is so important to get it right the first time and store your wine in the best way possible, with the use of our wine racks!

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