Dec 14 2015

There are two things you can pretty much guarantee about Christmas: the first is that it will come round once a year, every year (at the coldest time of year!) and the other is that wine and wine-induced merriment will be flowing. We are all familiar with the glistening glittery hues of crisp white wines and the deep red holiday shades of merlot, port and mulled wines but did you know that wine has lots of different uses; uses which can give you a helping hand this festive season? Check out all the top five ways wine can work wonders for you this winter:

Clean Your Christmas Dinner Veggies:

Use wine to clean your Christmas Dinner veggies. The alcohol is great for washing fruit and veg in, doing a much better job than water alone. The sterilising properties of strong alcohol means wine can even get rid of some serious bacteria like E. coli and salmonella ( If you’re lucky your veg could end up with added flavouring but sensible quantities are the key to this cleaning method. Use a spray bottle or similar to Keep Things Cool With W-ice Cubes:

If you are an experimental entertainer or a creative cook then try popping some wine into an ice cube tray. If you then freeze these wine-filled trays (keep them level!) you can use your wine cubes long after you would have had to throw the opened bottle away. You can use the cubes in things like red wine sauces which only require a cube-sized amount for flavour or you can keep one or two cubes back to pop in your Christmas Dinner gravy. For those of you less culinary inclined you can make good use of your wine cubes in drinks of all sorts. Make fruit punches and wine cocktails (Sangria for Santa!) with just the right amount of wine and no waste or cool down your glass of red without having to water it down.

Shift Seasonal Stains:

Wine usually strikes fear into the hearts of cream-carpet-owners but it can actually be very useful when you need to remove seasonal stains. The holidays mean merry loved ones which in turn mean drinks sloshed and spilled everywhere. It is important to accept that the inevitable will happen and you will have a momentary meltdown when Aunty Jean spills a nice big glass of merlot all over your beautiful beige rug. If (when) this happens, fear not - white wine is on the case. As the old wives tale goes, you can pour a glass of white wine on top of the horrid red puddle and quickly blot it up with a clean towel. Ta da.

Cure Holiday Heartburn:

Wine can help cure heartburn when you’re suffering the aftermath of festive overindulgence. You may be aware that wine can trigger heartburn for a select few but it is actually a popular remedy for the ailment. According to old European folklore you can curb symptoms of heartburn with a few sips of light, low-alcohol white wine. This is because such wine often contains sodium bicarbonate, a substance known for soothing the acidity that causes heartburn.

Of all the things you can do with wine, drinking it is usually the most popular option. Drinking it is definitely the best way to use wine at Christmas. So fill up those wine racks with red, pink and gold. Mull it, chill it or spritz it – just make sure you enjoy it.

So there you have it – how wine can work wonders for you this winter. (For more weird and wonderful uses for wine visit