May 01 2014

If you are thinking of buying a wine rack, knowing where to store it is the best way to preserve your wine and also keep it in a suitable place in your home.

Wine racks are a great solution if you are short on space in your house. It might be hard thinking of where to store your bottles of wine in preparation for a dinner party or even just a cosy night in, so ensuring you have a wine rack will help solve the problem.

Wine Racks – How To Store Them

When you buy a wine rack, finding the right place in your house to place it is crucial. If you have small children or pets you might want to keep the wine rack out of sight or higher up out of reach of little fingers. Wine racks that you can place on top of the kitchen work surface are convenient for you to get to and will also add a smart look to your kitchen. However, it is important to remember not to place your wine rack over the fridge or on top of stoves. It might seem like the only free space at the time, but it will not be good for your wine or the wine rack.

Keep your wine rack away from direct sunlight and equally from areas subject to varying degrees of temperature. A wine cellar is a perfect solution, but for those without one, just following these simple steps can help preserve your wine and also preserve the condition of your wine rack.

 Wine Racks – The Essential Design

 Have you ever wondered why wine racks are designed to place your wine in them horizontally? This is a purpose built design to ensure that the wine corks stay wet and keep sediment away from the top of the bottle. Many people stand their bottle of wine in the fridge or simply on the kitchen work surface, but ideally you should be using a wine rack. There are many stylish wine rack designs to choose from, so finding the right one for your home needn’t be an arduous task. Choosing a reputable retailer will mean you get the best wine rack at the best price.

 A wine rack is a great addition to your home and can enhance the feature of your kitchen, as well as being functional. Choose from contemporary chic or traditional and stylish – you have a great choice of wine racks online.

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