Jul 02 2015

Here at Cranville Wines we understand the importance of wine storage in relation to a wine’s age, taste and quality. By understanding the need for a wine rack, we believe consumers can make more informed decisions about how they’d like wine to mature. In this article Cranville Wines will convey to you ‘why having a wine rack won’t leave you whining’

“Why is storing your wine important?”

If you are unsure if a wine rack is worthwhile investment then the short answer would be yes. Wine racks play a practical role in maintaining your wine(s) overall quality. If we take a moment to actually highlight the practical nature of a wine rack you’ll notice that the vast majority are great for saving space – this is especially useful if you’re short on space or not a huge wine drinker. Storing your wine efficiently and effectively will help to age your ‘plonk’, not to mention reduce the chances of accidents.

“How would I store my wine effectively?”

Finding a suitable place to store your wine is imperative for a number of reasons:

If you have children or pets in the home, they may try to open or damage your bottle (or bottles). So ensuring that they stay out of sight and out of reach of children is crucial.

Hot and humid conditions will greatly affect the taste and quality of a bottle of wine. Direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures will have a detrimental effect upon the overall taste of your wine. The same is also true for colder temperatures too!

With these scenarios in mind, a wine rack (or perhaps cellar) will undoubtedly prove beneficial in keeping your wine at its best. In addition, wine should be kept at a constant temperature to ensure the same depth of flavour throughout. Ideally wine should be stored horizontally, especially if you intend to drink the wine in the future. By keeping the bottle on its side this ensures the cork stays wet and doesn’t dry.  A wet (then dry cork) will be prone to shrinkage, causing premature oxidation. If you plan on drinking your wine in the short-term then storing wine in this way isn’t necessary.

“Does the design of my wine rack actually matter?”

The design of a wine rack is important for both practical and aesthetically reasons. The practical aspects (as explained above) relate to how the wine will age, taste and stay safe. Aesthetically speaking, wine racks nowadays come in a wide range of different designs, styles and colours; enough to suit any household. A wine rack is an attractive and functional feature, perfect for any kitchen – contemporary chic or maybe traditional? Check out Cranville Wines range here.

“Where can I buy a wine rack?”

Cranville Wines that’s who! We are wine racks specialise in the manufacture, wholesale, distribution and retail of wine racks and wine storage systems. Our bespoke selection of wine racks go above and beyond the norm – and at a great price!

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