Sep 18 2014

Here at Cranville Wine Racks we sell a lot of wine racks to the United Kingdom, we tend to do more business in England than in Scotland and Wales and this got us thinking – which country drinks the most wine and therefore subsequently has the most wine racks?

• Vatican City comes in at the top of the wine drinkers, drinking over 35 pints of wine per person

• The people of Andorra came in second drinking just 34 pints of wine a year

• France came in third with the French drinking approximately 31 pints of wine per year.

• The people of Luxemboug came in fourth with an average of 30 pint of wine being drunk by each person a year.

• Italy comes in fifth with an average of 27 pints of wine drunk per person each year.

We wonder if you will be surprised to notice that the United Kingdom was not even in the top 5 countries of wine drinkers, it didn’t even come in the top 10! In fact the United Kingdom drank just 10.78 pints per person in a year.

If you think you help to increase the wine consumption of the United Kingdom then why not order yourself a wine rack from us to help store your collection of wine bottles.