Oct 16 2014

We are constantly told by Doctors, Nurses, Health Officials and the Government that we need to get out five fruit and vegetables a day, here at Cranville Wine Racks we have the solution – drink your way through your five a day!

The first thing you need to do is get prepared, fill your wine rack with a red wine and a white wine – this fulfils two of your five fruits a day in the form of red grapes and white grapes.

You can then look around for fruit flavoured wines; some wine makers offer a gooseberry wine or an elderflower wine. These are great as Gooseberry and Elderflower will also count towards your five a day.

An alternative is to fill your wine racks with a reasonable priced red wine and make sangria, with one glass of sangria you can cram in your five fruit and veg a day. You have the red grapes from the red wine, slices of lemon and lime in the drink, chunks of oranges and slithers of apples – there you have your five portions of fruit. You could also throw in some halves white grapes and chopped up strawberries too if you would like. Some people even add peaches, plums or nectarines.

Of course you would have to drink a lot of sangria to hit your daily intake of five fruit a day – but when is that a bad thing? Plus you have a wine rack full of red wine to drink! Although, we do suggest you drink responsibly.