Dec 07 2015

As Christmas approaches you’re bound to be invited to at least one party this year which is an absolute snooze fest. Whether it’s boring guests or its drab environment, one thing you can fix about going out this year is your booze supply thanks to the Wine Rack.

If your night out on the town isn’t lively enough then the Wine Rack allows you to carry the booze you needed to make it more enjoyable with you. Before you start envisioning a portable wooden wine rack however, think again. This product is exclusively for women, as the Wine Rack is actually a type of sports bra able to contain an entire bottle of wine.

Comfortable to wear, the versatile black bra comes with an adjustable drinking tube with an on/off valve and accompanying plastic compartment which can hold up to 750ml of liquid. Whether your favourite tipple is wine, beer, or even a cocktail – simply jump up and down to shake!

As the night goes on you’ll be able to save money by wearing your own supply under your regular clothes. It will also provide you with a larger chest than usual at the beginning, increasing your cup size by two full sizes. As the night goes on and your Wine Rack starts to become empty, by the time others notice your boobs have shrunk you’ll be too merry to care anyway.

As well as being perfect for the Christmas season, it’s ideal gift for the social butterfly in your life thanks to its variety of uses. Imagine being at a music festival or concert and not having to worry about losing your place in the crowd to buy a drink, escaping their extortionate prices and saving you money in the long run. You could even use it to store water whilst on outdoors treks and walks to save you having to carry a bottle around.

Whether it’s for yourself to help you survive through the office Christmas party or for a loved one going to Glastonbury next year, save some serious money on booze with this ingenious invention!