Oct 02 2014

Here at Cranville Wine Racks we think it is incredibly rude to ignore signs and subsequent orders or demands and this is why we thought we would share this sign with you.

Sadly here in the UK we do not have the nicest weather, it may be a gorgeous day with blue skies and sunshine one day but you can bet your bottom dollar the day that follows will involve some rain.

There are some signs we would prefer to ignore, like the Give Way sign when we are driving, the Stop sign we have been waiting 15mins for it to say Go and the sign that says no dogs on the beach when we know our dogs are desperate to have a paddle in the cool sea on a hot day.

This sign however? This is a sign we were happy to obey and we recommend you do the same. Don’t let the rain ruin your summer holidays, instead keep your wine rack stocked up and enjoy the free time you have away from work!