Aug 07 2014

I never know what to get my brother in law. He has been married to my sister for over 10 years now. Every year when they first got together I got him socks, smellies or a shirt and tie. But getting this for him every Birthday and Christmas can begin to get a little bit tedious and predictable.

So then I started asking questions, I asked him what he is into, what he likes, if there is anything in particular that he wants for Christmas. Being a typical man he said there was nothing he really wanted apart from a brand new red Ferrari – sadly my funds do not stretch to that but one year I got him a toy model car.

I found out seven years ago that he likes drinking red wine when relaxing in the evening and his one hobby is playing the guitar, not terribly helpful for my present buying but it was something I could work on.

Here I am, seven years later and I have bought him spare guitar strings, picks, stands, music books and every single type of red wine I could find. Christmas is approaching and I am all out of ideas of what to get my wine loving, guitar playing brother in law.

I was having a look around for wines that were guitar themed when I stumbled across this amazing guitar shaped wine rack – it looks fantastic and snazzy. It does not take up too much room and will go perfectly in his chill-out room.It holds eleven bottles of wine so will be absolutely ideal for him. It’s made from a solid casing so is strong and sturdy. It’s a perfect example of modern art and I just know he will love it!