May 21 2015

Wine racks nowadays come in many shapes and sizes, their straight-forward, decorative and distinct functionality is undeniable. But what other convenient truths can we discern from the vino -aficionado’s partner in wine?


A wine rack does exactly what it says on the tin…. it holds wine! But rather than just being a glorified holder for your finest bottle of plonk it also plays a crucial role in the maturing process too. It’s important to recognise that temperature, lighting, humidity and movement all affect the quality of wine. A sturdy wine rack will usually help to keep your wine safe and mulling at its best.


The broad choice of wine racks available is mind boggling, differing in not only size but material, shape, colour and mounted position. A greater investment will usually yield better results in terms of the rack’s function, durability and design. From the weird to unashamedly wacky, there are wine racks to cater to every taste.


Wine racks are very affordable, available from a range of different outlets both off and online. A savvy wine connoisseur will have a keen eye for which racks are the real deal and which are ratchet.

Vertical limit

The vertical wine rack is a no no for the seasoned wine lover. Known to dry the cork and eventually causing it to shrink the vertical rack wouldn’t be at the top of many people’s Christmas lists. However not completely useless, vertical wine rack are fine for the short term storage of wine intended to be consumed at a younger age.

The only way is Horizontal

The ideal method of storing wine would be on a horizontal rack. The tilt of the bottle ensures that the cork stays moist; preventing it from shrinking that prevents air from seeping in. Their simplistic design also allow for a greater volume of wine stored at one time.

Racks of character

The modern day wine rack will come in a plethora of different styles and material finishes – metal and wood being the most commonly available. Whichever floats your boat (or more specifically wine) is entirely up to you. The possibility are endless.

And there you have It the convenient truths about wine racks, now all that’s left to do is go out and get one!