Aug 14 2014

The 4th January is National Trivia Day and here are some wine rack facts for you to share with your friends, over a glass of wine perhaps?

• A dry cork will shrink in the bottle, allowing oxygen to enter the bottle and infuse the wine; this is why you will only find wine racks that allow the bottle to lie on its side, keeping the cork wet.

Wrought Iron Wine Racks are very popular due to the fact they can be formed into a variety of interesting shapes and designs.

Wine Racks are extremely popular among those that like to be able to show off their world class collection of wines, why have great wines and then hide them behind a cupboard door?

Wine racks are built to hold the average bottle of wine size, this is a bottle that holds 750ml, this works out to roughly two and half pounds of grapes.

Storage wise wine bottles in a wine rack are much better than a barrel, however you will find that a single barrel holds 60 gallons of wine.