Jun 11 2015

There’s nothing better than pouring yourself a glass of red or white wine, cuddling up on the sofa beneath your favourite blanket, perhaps with a few chocolate-y snacks or sweet treats and popping on your favourite movie; yes it sounds like an evening well spent! But when you get tired of watching your favourite actor or actress, it can often feel like a waste of an evening trying to find a new film to watch. With the advent of movie apps and sites like Netflix and Lovefilm, we now have a whole host of exciting and tearful rom-coms, dramas and thrillers, not forgetting a good ole’ classic horror flick. So, grab a bottle of wine from the wine rack as we go through our list of 5 movies to watch next Friday night.

Donnie Darko

If you’re into a bit of fantasy, but don’t mind a good cry then Donnie Darko is a great drama flick to watch. Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone, Donnie is plagued with Doomsday-like visions delivered by a rabbit and faces many challenges on his way to discover the meaning behind them. As a movie, it’s one of those that’ll make you laugh and make you cry through touching moments and is a great watch for a Friday night alone or with friends.

The Shawshank Redemption

As a powerful adaptation from the novella Shawshank Redemption and Rita Heyworth, the Shawshank Redemption is a moving tale of Andy Dufresne who is sent to prison for murder. During his time at Shawshank state prison, Andy meets Ellis Boyd (Red) Redding (Morgan Freeman) and faces mountains after notorious gang ‘The Sisters’ target him for their assaults however, with a bit of luck, Andy soon finds himself heavily protected by the guards of the prison. This touching story is perfect for a Friday night movie marathon; just be prepared with the tissues!


This crime comedy features several stars including Brad Pitt and Vinnie Jones and is primarily based in the criminal underworld of London. Throughout the film, you are introduced to two plots that intertwine; one plot follows the tale of 3 men chasing after a stolen diamond while the other focuses on a boxing promoter. A fantastic watch with a glass of your favourite chardonnay or rosé!

Easy A

Now for a good old fashioned comedy chick flick, Easy A follows the life of Olive Penderghast who ends up relying on the school’s classic rumour-fuelled reputation to help boost her current social standing. With a fantastic blend of comedy and romantic value, Easy A is a great film to watch alone or as part of a girls night-in!

The Notebook

This romantic drama tells the heart-aching story of a couple who end up falling in love during the 1940s, but are soon separated from each other due to their ‘social differences’ however; the tale is set and narrated in the present by an elderly man who is explaining the story to a fellow resident in the care home. We won’t say any more but we will warn you that if you choose this movie, you’ll need a lot of tissues to see you through!