Dec 18 2014

If you are looking to add those extra little touches to your kitchen to give it the ‘Tuscan Style’ you may want to consider wrought iron wine racks that have soft and smooth curves with ornate details. You will find that the wrought iron wine racks that have straight lines are quite minimalistic features work better for the modern kitchen, whereas the opposite can offer a traditional and romantic feel to the kitchen.

When you have a look at the different wrought iron wine racks on the market you will see they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some are small and can go on a work top, some are wall wine racks and some are free standing so they can go on the floor of your kitchen, out of the way.

You may be a wine collector and enjoy having a good bottle of wine close to hand in which case we recommend a beautiful wine rack with an unusual shape that can be then be used to showcase the excellent wines you have on offer. If you’re looking for the old-world romantic feel then you may consider a dark metal wine rack with the scroll style.

However, some people are looking to save space with a wine rack in which case you may consider a free-standing wine rack for the floor, maybe something with vines and leaves climbing up the side as this will really add to the wine country inspiration that is shown off through the rest of the kitchen.

Some customers opt for the simple wooden wine racks as these add a raw and earthy feel to the kitchen while still looking romantic and Tuscan. If you choose the right wine rack it can look like you have taken it straight from the wine country cellar.

When choosing your wine rack make sure you shop around to choose the best one not only for your kitchen but also to suit your needs. If you are a collector of fine wines there is no point having a gorgeous wine rack that only hold two or three bottles of wine buy a large wine rack system instead!