Nov 29 2016


We have no doubt that many of you will be celebrating the upcoming festivities by stocking up your bespoke wine rack with some of your favourite tipples, and we don’t blame you! With all the parties and social gatherings that are on the horizon, it is important to ensure you are prepared to crack open a bottle of the good stuff at a moment’s notice!

And what better way to kick off the party season in style than with a bottle of your favourite vino with some close friends?

When You are Stocking your Wine Rack

The way your bar looks depends a lot on the kind of people who will be attending the party. Family and friends often include kids and teenagers as well as those that are more mature, so ensure you have a range of soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks for your party.

 A great way of choosing what drinks to serve is to choose a theme. A country you have visited, cocktails or even just a drink that can be dressed up with a festive twist will always go down a treat.

 What Type of Drinks should Make the Roster

 Personalise your get together by choosing the right drinks.

 Fill your bespoke wine rack with a collection of flavours and wines from around the world – and a vintage bottle or even Champagne can be brought out, too, should you be entertaining guests with some gourmet food and a good old cheese board.

 Prosecco and sparkling wine are a great choice for large gatherings – keep those expensive bottles for special occasions or Christmas day itself.

 If you are on a budget and feel like you may have to stretch the bar, you can always offer mulled wine from a punch bowl instead.

 The Selection

Always go with an even split of red and white wine, especially if you are not sure of what your guests might like.

Depending on how you pour, you can get approximately 5 glasses from a standard bottle of wine so order as many bottles as you feel necessary for the occasion. A good rule of thumb is to provide enough for 3 glasses per guest.

White wines, like Chardonnay, are great for winter gatherings. If you are serving bite-sized appetisers or a buffet, remember to choose the wine that best suits. We’re sure your bespoke wine rack has something to suit!   

After-Dinner Treat

A classic post-food treat during the festive period is to serve port, brandy or Cognac. Dessert wines are wonderful for this time of year, warming you through nicely!

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