Feb 12 2015

An experiment carried out by a Napa Valley firm has provided astonishing results in regards to taste appeal as the firm decide to try ageing wine in the ocean. In February, a well-known wine company lowered four cases of their prized cabernet sauvignon as far as 60 feet beneath the surface of the Charleston Harbor. The wine was left for months until finally being pulled from the depths on May the 21st with extraordinary results.

In order to record the results of the experiment an independent blind test was conducted where the volunteers had to taste both the ocean-aged wine and the wine aged ashore. The results were as follows:

Not only was the newly aged wine rewarded for its exquisite twist on aroma, finish and overall taste it was also estimated to be worth around £627 and slots nicely into the category of some of the world’s most expensive and finest wines.

The ocean-aged wine was also said to ‘outstrip’ the original rising high hopes for the Mira Winemaker Company who conducted the experiment.

Before being plunged into the depths of the ocean the wines were securely strapped to a custom made wine rack and were laid on their side in the same position they would have rested in a wine cellar.

The initial aim of the experiment was to compare ocean-aged wine against standard warehouse wine and to make a note of whether or not seawater has an effect on the wine’s quality of ageing through humidity, pressure, temperature, motion, and a lack of oxygen and exposure to light.

Following the success of the experiment, the wine will be sent for further analysis to monitor chemical levels found within the wine and another collection of wines will be sent down for twice as long in order to continue the experiment.