Jan 24 2017

Get to know your wine racks

If you are a fine wine connoisseur, you will undoubtedly be well aware of the large variety of wine racks that are available for you to store your wine collection. It’s great that there is such a wide choice, but this can also make it difficult to decide which wine rack is going to be the best option for you.

With wine racks in all manner of sizes, styles, and materials, the sky really is the limit, especially when you consider that it is also possible to create custom and bespoke wine racks specifically for individual customers too. However, with all these many varied ideas floating around, how do you decide which style of wine rack to go for?

We have put together a handy guide to some of the more common types of wine racks, in an attempt to help you to decide which style will be the best one for you.

Wall-Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted wine racks from Cranville range in size for holding three or four bottles, right up to our thirty-six bottle wall-mounted wine racks. Wall-mounted racks are one of the most traditional ways of storing wine and are also fairly adaptable and easy to transition into a wide variety of environments and locations. The larger options are ideal for personal home cellars or restaurants and bars, whereas the smaller versions make the perfect accompaniment to kitchens – great for storing your absolute favourites within easy reach!

Wood vs. Metal Wine Racks

Both materials have their benefits, yet ultimately it is up to you to make the final decision about which will be better for you as an individual. Wood is more traditional, yet metal makes for an updated and modern approach. We can supply these wine racks in sizes right up to ninety, so you will have plenty of options dependent upon the space that is available.

Wood products have the additional option of a variety of different finishings, including natural pine, walnut and dark oak stains, and black wood. Conversely, metal wine racks are available in a choice of either galvanised or black metal.

Wine Storage Cubes

Wine cubes are a classy way of displaying your favourite wines. They are an aesthetically pleasing way of storage and will add an extra touch of style to your space. Our wine storage cubes are also available in a variety of finishes, or you can opt to have yours left in a natural state if you prefer.

Choose from the traditional ‘X’ style of the cube, which holds a total of twenty-four bottles stacked neatly, or the cube with individual compartments which holds twenty-five bottles.

Bottle Blocks

The beauty of bottle blocks is their adaptability and versatility. They are assembled from individual blocks and pieces, which means that you have the complete freedom to create an entirely bespoke wine rack to the exact size and dimensions of your choice. Modular wine racks such as these can be built to fill the available space, no matter how big or small that space is, so they are perfect for a more creative approach.

So with that, you have a quick guide to some of the most popular varieties of wine racks that we offer here at Cranville. For more information about our products, please get in touch