Mar 19 2015

Do you prefer expensive fine wine or cheap wine you get from around the corner? Can you even tell the difference? A recent blind test conducted by the London Wine Academy showed that 8 out of 10 people preferred cheap wine over the expensive stuff with data gathered from around about 20,000 enthusiasts over a period of 20 years.

The test consisted of two bottles of wine; one priced at £4.99 and the other at an astonishing £19.99. The latter wine was none other than Gérard Thomas St. Aubin 1ER Cru while the other was simply titled Aspen Hills Chardonnay. The cheaper wine consisted of a soft, buttery flavouring with fresh notes of citrus while the other consisted of a complex flavouring of vanilla, lemon and smoke and a creamy texture.

Unless you’re a wine expert on the taste, texture and acidity of a fine wine it is almost impossible to know the difference, as these results show. The academy also claimed that the amateur’s perception of a fine wine is based on their personal notion of the term ‘smoothness’. While specialists will understand that cheaper wines consist of lower acidity, simple flavours and significantly higher alcohol content, amateurs do not.

Experts in fine wines are said to look over the wine for complex flavours and how long the flavour lingers along with the balance between flavours.

Not only this, Miss Bester of the Academy added that the more expensive fine wines are not better but different in terms of texture and flavour and that they both need appropriate dining choices in order to bring out the full flavour.

So, next time you take a cheap wine from your wine rack or the off license shelf maybe you’ll think twice about what you’re drinking.