Nov 06 2014

A recent news article in The Sun newspaper has reported how some people are using wine decanters to disguise a cheap bottle of wine for a more expensive wine. With the sales of wine decanters on the rise it looks like this report could speak some truth.

You can pop your £5 wine into the decanter and serve it to your friends as an expensive wine that you have been saving ‘for that special occasion’, and your friends never need to know that it was a cheap bottle of plonk from the local shop.

If money is a little bit strapped and you are keen to impress your friends, then you could always "fill your wine racks with the more expensive bottles of wine and then fill the decanter with a cheaper bottle of wine. Seeing a gorgeous wine rack full of expensive wines next to your guest, he or she will presume that it is indeed a bottle of expensive wine in the decanter.

"Wine Racks are ideal for giving a different impression or feel to your room, you can add some class to your room with a wrought iron wine rack and then display your gorgeous wines in it. We also have some decorative wine racks that will put a splash of your personality into the room.

Whether you choose to decant or deceive, just make sure your wine rack is always full and looking good.