Oct 30 2014

Dear Cranville Wines,

I am a first time wine maker and being experimental with red wine (for starters), when should I rack my wine and how on earth do I do it?

Signed: Troubled Beginner Wine Maker

Hello Troubled Beginner Wine Maker,

The first thing to remember is that we were all making wine for the first time once, even the huge wine makers out there, so don’t be scared to ask question, and thank you for choosing to ask us.

If the wine is clearing from the top of the container and sediment can be seen at the bottom of the bottle this means that the fermentation has stopped, therefore you can siphon the wine off and pour it into a separate sterilised wine bottle.

Then pop your wine bottles into your wine rack and save them for a rainy day, a party or for a cheese and wine party. Some people choose to have multiple wine racks, one for each home made wine, or even one wine rack for red wines and one wine rack for white wines – whatever suits your needs best!

Feel free to send us some samples of your new wine when it’s done!

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