Mar 26 2015

For decades people have known that a little daily tipple of red wine from the wine rack can help to prevent heart disease but research shows that it can even benefit those who have suffered heart attacks in the past.

Research into the link between red and white wine and heart disease shows that individuals who consume around two large glasses of red or white wine everyday are 13% less likely to suffer from a heart attack.

Furthermore, the study also revealed that these individuals are less likely to die from heart disease by approximately 17% compared to those who do not drink on a regular basis.

A diet consisting of only fatty foods, a lack of exercise and regular smoking habits are all risk factors, however, red wine has been found to provide a protective element when consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

As traces of antioxidants are evident in red and white wine it means that both wine types can effectively reduce an extreme build-up of very harmful cholesterol and diminish inflammation in the blood vessels.

Alongside a healthy diet consisting of a regular intake of fruit and vegetables and frequent exercise, wine can help to prevent heart attacks amongst those who have already suffered a heart attack. As heart disease is one of the biggest killers in Britain, it is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to keep your body safe.