May 29 2014

Your wine rack needs to fulfil more than one purpose. It’s main job is to store your wine safely and properly, but it also needs to be functional and look good whether it is full or empty. That’s why a growing number of people are looking for wine racks with a difference – contemporary designs, modular forms or just unusual shapes. Before you choose your wine rack, here are some things you need to know:

  • Capacity – how many bottles do you need to store? If you’re just an occasional wine drinker, and you’re just looking for somewhere to store a few bottles, then a small wine rack can sit on a kitchen surface for ease of access. On the other hand, if you have invested in good wine that needs looking after properly, or if you buy in bulk and need good storage, you should consider a modular design for example the traditional wood and metal type where you can add to the rack as your collection grows.
  •  Space – where are you going to store your wine? Unless you are lucky enough to have a reasonable cellar – and most modern houses and apartments don’t – you need to dedicate a space to your wine. Most people want wine stored in the places where they are most likely to drink it – the dining area or kitchen – but these aren’t always the best places to store good wine. Make sure you have somewhere suitable to store the quantity of wine you own.
  • Conditions – wine needs to be kept in specific conditions, otherwise it may spoil. Wine racks are build to hold your wine in a horizontal position, keeping the cork moist and preventing oxygen from entering the bottle, which will ruin the wine. You also need to ensure that your wine is kept away from heat sources such as radiators, sunny windows and electrical appliances, and that your wine rack is in a secure position – not somewhere where vibration or movement is going to affect the wine.
  •  Design – of course, the look of your wine rack is important to you. That’s why many people choose to have their wine racks built into new kitchen units, for example. You need to choose a design that works in your home, but always make sure that as well as looking good, your wine rack is sturdy, because the last thing you want is for your wine rack to collapse, and bottles smashing to the floor.

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