May 14 2015

With alcohol widely regarded as the bane of society, it may come as a breath of fresh air to know that in actual fact drinking the odd glass of that vintage vino may help to cut cholesterol and keep blood clots at bay.

Years of intensive research into wine has uncovered a wealth of substantial health benefits. Now before you go out and buy that South African vineyard, this article will separate the prime from the plonk and provide you with the full favoured facts about why wine will keep you winning.

It’s important to stress that like with all things moderation is key, wine is no different. To really yield the benefits of the tantalising tipple it’s crucial that we are aware of our limits. With that finger-wagged warning out the way here we go!

Wine me hearties’                         

Red wine is widely regarded as being a real hearty tonic. According to several leading studies red wine contains Resveratrol. This powerful anti-oxidant combats the build-up of saturated fats around the heart and arteries; it also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Spirit of win(e)ner

According to an American study ( conducted over several years, it found that wine drinkers had a 34% lower mortality rate compared to that of spirit and beer drinkers.

‘Slow and steady win(e)s the race’

Finding published by the University of Columbia in 2006 found that brain function slowed markedly among non – drinkers compared to that those who enjoyed the occasional glass. The study was conducted by 1,416 people.

‘No need to wine about antioxidants’

Packed full of antioxidants, red wine contains Quercetin and the aforementioned Resveratrol. Reportedly linked to the slowing of the aging process and also to the prevention of more elderly prevalent diseases such as Osteoporosis.

‘Wine not!?’

Apart from its internal health benefits, wine (along with the majority of alcoholic beverages) is a social lubricant (which is by no means a solution to a potential greater underlining problem) but is undeniably advantageous from a social standpoint.

With a flurry of significant benefits wine is undoubtedly an intriguing paradox of a brew. But it is also important to reiterate the idea of moderation and restraint. By exploring this subject thoroughly we can establish a clearer understanding of not only wine but alcohol as a whole and the part it plays within a well-balanced diet.