Apr 30 2015

If you love tasting and keeping quality wine, you need to know about all the steps that are required in order to store the wine keep it as flavorsome as when you first bought it.

How to Store Unopened Wine Bottles

Try Storing The Wine In A Basement

If you have a basement, we highly recommend that you don’t choose any other place but the basement to store your wine collection. Do you know that basements are the best places when it comes to storing high quality wine? Basements stay cool even during the summer, which is why they are the most appropriate place to store wines. Also, basements stay dark and motion free, unless there is an earthquake, which are two of the favorable things for wine keeping.

Always Maintain The Temperature

The taste of a wine depends on the temperature in which it is stored. The highest quality wine can be ruined if it is not stored in the right temperatures, which is why you must know where and how you can get your wine collection the right temperature that it needs. The best temperature to store wine is 55 to 65 degrees F at 70 to 80 percent humidity.

How To Store Bottles That You Have Opened

Put The Corks Back In Very Tight Manner

One of the mistakes that wine lovers does is that they put the cork back loosely after using the wine. If you want to keep the wine’s aroma intact and taste as delicious as it was when the last time you drank it, always assure to put the cork back properly. Don’t worry if you would have to use a cork opener every time you take out the wine bottle from the wine rack to drink.

Pour Opened Wine In Smaller Bottles

When one of your wine bottles are half emptied, you should pour the wine into a smaller bottle. The bottle you shift the remaining wine should have a tight top so less air touches the wine. This would help you store your wine in the ideal manner. You would require having at least one wine rack that can hold smaller wine bottles so that whenever you pour the remaining wines in such bottles you can keep the smaller bottles safe as well.

Give White Wine More Care

Not many people know that white wine is more sensitive than the red wine. You should be aware of the fact that white wine requires more attention and you have to ensure that you keep such wine in the right temperatures and conditions in order to not damage their delightful taste.

Thus, these are the steps and instructions that you need to follow being a wine devotee. If you would follow everything precisely, you would prove to be a wine lover who knows how to keep his wine collection in the perfect conditions.